Contest Alert: Win an 875$ Emmeline Headphone amp from Headphone Solutions


Imagine winning the 32GB iPod touch from and then snagging a huge deal from one of the headphone world’s sleekest amp manufacturers: Ray Samuels. At Headfi, he is one of the most respected and dedicated professionals whose research has created the excellent SR71-A,  Hornet, and now the tiny, IEM-focused Shadow. Therefore, Headphone Solutions‘ contest is a bit more involved: you must register and provide a good-quality review of any of the products they carry. The contest ends on 30 November.

Full HR-2 details

Contest Rules after the gap:

Create an account

Submit a product review for any product that you own or have tested, listed on our website: Headphone Solutions by going to that product page and selecting the link “Write a Review” or “Be the first to review!”

You are automatically granting us the right to your product review to be published on our site regardless of you being the winner.

The winner will be the one with the BEST, most informative product review. Not the longest, not necessarily a 5 star review, most likely not a 1 star review either. An honest well written review. Please make it NO LONGER THAN 10″ (25 cm) long. Having a good image uploaded may give you the edge if we end up being between 2 reviews. In other words, a nice image could be the tie breaker.

So you may and you should upload a picture of you using the product (preferred) or of the product itself, because reviews with a picture will have a better chance to win but not necessary.

Every product review will earn 10 Reward Points. The most informative reviews may earn BONUS points, regardless of you being the winner.

On November 30th we will announce the ONE winner and ship your FREE HR2 Ray Samuels headphone amp worth $875. All countries listed on our checkout are eligible (you would be responsible for any duty and tax in that case). The shipping will be FREE to ANY COUNTRY listed on our checkout page. Countries not listed on our checkout can participate provided they give us a US address for the delivery.

Your name and review will have a link on our home page for at least 30 days after November 30th.

Good luck TMA readers!

[via Headphone Solutions]
  • Kelly

    Hello? I need this!


    MY TURN TO WIN??????

  • paul haddock

    Wow great prize

  • Nice prize

  • Devin


  • Marsha

    a great prize

  • judy folk

    oh sweet sweet music

  • Dave McGowan

    Hey, whenever your ready to send it out, im ready to recieve this in the mail

  • There are a lot of people responding to this post. Why not get out and write the review for the product and win it yourself?



  • Vicki Andrew

    this would be so neat to win, make my holiday

  • diane r.

    I don’t own anything from this company to make an honest review….but I did stumble across this site because I was looking for things like this for Christmas gifts for my husband. I don’t know much at all about electronics–but he does! I love the way that headphone amp is described–in detail!! It really is beyond me–but it’s what my husband would value in a product….knowing how well it is built and put together…

  • Well, by all means get him to write about something they have and hope to God that it is good enough to receive the prize! I would like to write a review too, but not enough time!

  • I would love this

  • dawn

    Wow This is a wonderful giveaway. I checked out the site awesome.

  • diane r.

    he’s out of town or i would!!
    i hsve 3 college-aged girls and we are all clueless as to what this stuff means—all we know is that it’s the kind of stuff men like!!!

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