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Yumsters! 2 is different from most puzzle games we get from the App store – for starters, this is not a match 3 game. Secondly, with it’s colorful characters and simple story, it’s got a very kid friendly vibe – much like Bumble Tales. Yumsters! 2 also fits into that category of hybrid games – combination puzzle and music game. So what kind of a game does this all add up to? Find out after the break.

Review-Yumsters2!-01During the course of the game, you will control the Yumsters, sea-serpent-like creatures who are hungry – but only for fruit that matches their own skin color. Each level you will have control of a certain amount of Yumsters, and you must drag their heads over to the matching fruit color – without crossing over any other Yumster whom you’ve already set to munching. The larger the fruit, the longer it takes to eat – unless you get more than one Yumster eating it at the same time. You can also move Yumsters around the board into different spots – trying to get the optimum amount of Yumsters eating at the same time.

Because any fruit you leave too long will start to freeze – and then you can’t eat those – they wind up blocking your path to other fruit. There are some special powers granted by other Yumsters who will join you on your quest along the way; ones that will unfreeze the fruit or give you extra time before more fruit appears on the board.

Review-Yumsters2!-02Your goal on each board is to eat the fruit that’s listed towards the top of the screen. Eat the exact fruits shown in a quick enough time, and you’ll move on from the level. But if you move too slowly, more fruit will be added both to your requirement to pass the level as well as to the field itself. Once you clear a level, you’re given a little more story and taken to a map screen, where you move on to the next level. Occasionally, this is broken up by a special musical level – see the Yumsters are in a band and they’ve lost their instruments and so you’re searching the world to recover them all. Yeah it’s more than a little silly, but it gives purpose to these musical levels, which require you to tap the correct colors to the beat of the music (like Guitar Hero) to pass the level.

In all, I felt both of these game elements played well – neither felt tacked on or lacking depth. At the same time, I felt like there was no real purpose to the map, other than to show you that you were moving on to a new level. Granted, Azkend had this same kind of maps but for some reason it worked more for me there (perhaps because I wanted to return to levels I hadn’t beaten as fast as I felt I could have – whereas in Yumsters! 2 I just don’t see the point in going back). I’d almost rather Yumsters! 2 had given you the option to create your own levels, or generate random ones – like wide open fields or tough maze-like ones – a more simple interface than this sprawling map. If this game is meant to skew a little younger, I’m not sure if that’s just a little too overwhelming. But honestly, aside from that one drawback, there’s nothing about Yumsters! 2 to keep me from recommending you Grab It.


App Summary
Title: Yumsters! 2 (v1.0) Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: $0.99 App Size: 24.7 MB
  • Easy to learn, great for kids or adults
  • Both types of games (puzzle & music) executed well
  • The overworld map of levels adds an unnecessary  complexity to the game.


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