Watch NBA games LIVE on your iPhone (and iPod Touch)

NBA-league-mobile-pass1The NBA season is finally underway and you’re probably getting your basketball fill with EA’s NBA Live. While playing a simulated 5-on-5 video game can be fun, you know nothing beats the real thing. So, what better way to catch all your favorite teams on your iDevice than with NBA’s League Pass app! The NBA has just released League Pass Mobile, an app that will allow you to watch over 40 games LIVE (WiFi or 3G) per week for the entire 2009-2010 season. That’s right. Live.

MobiTV, NBA League Pass Mobile, $39.99, 1.6 MB
NBA League Pass Mobile



  • Watch over 40 LIVE NBA games a week
  • View full game replays for up to 48 hours after the game. Local market, national blackout and other restrictions apply to all live and replay games in NBA LEAGUE PASS MOBILE.)
  • Daily highlights from around the league
  • Live player stats for every game
  • Live scores for every game
  • Set “Remind Me” alerts for favorite teams or key games
  • Send game and stats updates through Email, Facebook and Twitter.

For basketball fans, this is certainly an early Christmas present. Catching games of your hometown team while on the road doesn’t get any easier. At $39.99 however, the asking price is certainly on the high side, especially if you consider the local market and national blackout restrictions. What this means is that if you live in Chicago and plan on using the app to watch the Bulls in action, you’re outta luck. According to the FAQ, League Pass Mobile doesn’t support VPNs or proxies, just in case you were planning on masking your real zipcode/postal code in hopes of catching your local team while at home. Damn.

Regardless, the ability to watch a major league sport LIVE on your iPhone/iPod Touch is just down right sweet. Since this app supports 3G streaming as well, you won’t have to worry about finding (and rushing) to the closest WiFi hotspot. Mind you, the video quality will suffer on 3G, but heck, who really cares! Live NBA baby!

If the $39.99 price tag is a bit much and the live video feature isn’t a big deal to you, check out NBA Game Time 2009-2019, which is priced at a reasonable $9.99, with live radio, push notifications, stats and more.

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