Windows Vestiges – Apple Stores say ‘goodbye’ to PocketPC EasyPay devices


Till now, users have had the luxury of queuing at Apple and paying through crotchety old Windows-based PDA systems. According to AppleInsiders’ sources, however, that is all about to change as Apple roll out iPod touch-based payment systems for the holiday season. EasyPay’s problems with stability and connection quality has been a nightmare for the bustling Apple retail stores and it is time for a change.

The bottom line, however, isn’t just meagre increases in speed, or stability, but both short and long-term cost effectiveness. Using Apple-designed and maintained hardware means that Apple’s repair/replacement can be done in-house, ostensibly by genius-bar staff.

AppleInsider also point out that thanks to peripheral device support which was added in firmware 3.0, Apple too can capitalise on their own R&D by employing their own devices in the store, and hopefully evangelise their validity as point of sale systems. In other efforts to streamline POS, employees who holster either EasyPay or iPod touch-based units may be able to accept a customer’s cash which they will relay to the OSX-based POS machines.

Apple have recently reported their most profitable quarter ever and as they head into the hedonistic holiday season where they clearly expect their sales to rise.

[via AppleInsider]

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