America’s Next Top Model in Review – Good Glitz


Never thought I’d go on the record saying that I enjoy an app based on the absurd America’s Next Top Model comedy/’reality’ TV show, but I will ad I do. In fact, I enjoy it so much that of its four cycles, I have already completed 2 – not bad for someone who was considered the ugly duckling by his classmates! Well, for Sims fans, for fans of mini-games, and to a lesser extent, for fans of resource-management fans, this game rocks.

Firstly, it takes just one glance to recognise that CBS got lucky with PressOK’s talented design team. The game looks great; the models are cute and well-tailored to Sim-game fans, and for the younger gen., shiny, anime-esque. But, why stop there? America’s Next Top Model’s (ANTM) Mini-games dazzle with colours, and the music, oh the music – fast, punchy and fun; the game should get extra points for its perfectly apt, upbeat soundtrack.


Moving down the runway a bit, there is even more to enjoy. Like the Sims 3, ANTM is alive with mini games, though admittedly, fewer. No matter though, because for the most part, they are much better than the Sims3’s simplistic cooking/repairing drills. Music fans will enjoy the Tap-Tap Revenge style Photo-Shoot mini game, and the extremely coordinated should love the catwalk mini game. And Fashionista? It is the perfect diversion for brainiacs who can remember an entire wardrobe from head to knee. There may only be a handful, but they are fun distractions from a model’s daily life of gossip, primping, and self-deprecative nibbling. Of course, I shouldn’t neglect to mention the slanted resource-management engine. Essentially, you have two to monitor: energy and popularity, both of which are influenced by your activities. In order to perform your best, they should be guarded, but each has its ulterior uses; you can spill on, gossip about, and in general make a rotten ol’ time for your colleagues by strategically timing actions (which appear at the bottom) with your resource meters. Each resource works together with your performance in mini games to usher you toward, or away from success in the overall competition. By the way, I am more than half into the game after less than an hour; for 4.99$, I would rather be entertained for much longer.


An item item which may become an issue for some people is the movement system which while not horrible, can be cumbersome when shimmying to different sections of the screen. Fortunately, you are not on a timer, and your actions populate in reaction to one another, so a few wrong taps here and there won’t ruin the game. To eat a pear for instance, drag the pear over your avatar. But you can eat only after completing some other tasks which allows you to snack. The same goes for gossiping, primping, chatting, and loads of other actions.

The arrangement of action icons in the lower part of the screen works surprisingly well for both mini games and character actions and so too do settings, and all interface elements.


So, with nearly hands-down appreciation of America’s Next Top Model, I will catwalk to the conclusion. I think it a freak accident that I love this game. I cannot stand the TV show – that sort of cloned drama has been old since Survivor 2. But this game is brilliant. It is flashy, showy, and has a great soundtrack; but better yet, game mechanics are simple to understand and fun to explore. Despite a slightly gummy movement system, America’s Next Top Model is a great buy – if you can part with 4.99$.


App Summary
Title: America’s Next Top Model (v1.0) Developer: PressOK Entertainment; CBS Interactive
Price: $4.99 App Size: 40.2 MB
  • Great graphics
  • Splendid sound!
  • Simple sims-style steps
  • Captures the tom-foolery of the TV show well
  • Good mini-games
  • Expensive
  • Too short
  • Replay Value? hmm….


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