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A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade from a Sony Ericsson phone to an iPhone 3GS. While the extra $30 a month data plan won’t keep me out of college, the additional $20 unlimited texting plan just might. Thankfully, Textfree Unlimited is here to solve that problem, and for just a one time fee of $6, it’s a heck of a lot better than paying an extra $240 a year simply to text my friends.

I have used almost every other possible SMS solution out there – and Textfree Unlimited is a smash hit. One of the major problems with every other SMS app is that the other party cannot initiate conversions. For instance, when I text Steve Jobs and ask him if he wants to go get a slice of Pizza, he is able to text me back. Pinger uses a service that sends a text message from your iDevice to your friend’s phone using a bizarre number. However, this number can then be saved as a contact in your friend’s phone, thus enabling them to text that specific number and initiate a conversation. By selecting that number, the text automatically goes straight to the Textfree Unlimited app instead of your regular Messages app. I found that this method also worked with the textPlus app, which is a decent, free alternative SMS app.

You will be prompted to create your very own @textfree.us name which serves as your login at first launch. You can then set your own name which will appear to your friends when you text them. The main menu is applesauce-bland, but is easy to navigate through with three buttons on the top right side of the screen: refresh, settings, and send a new text message.


There are a few nifty features under settings, which let you customize the app with both tones and themes. You can set a tone for each specific person that you contact, which makes it simple to remember who is texting you before you even look at their name. You can choose from a large selection of alerts such as a cat’s meow, cow’s moo, and even farts (whoopee). The themes are probably my favorite part of Textfree Unlimited. Though the default theme is drab, you can brighten up the conversation screen through the many themes that are available. Each changes the background, chat bubbles, and emoticons of the conversation screen (although the different styled emoticons won’t be visible to your friends).

After tapping the last button on the main menu (send a new text message button), you’re given two choices for texting: by searching contacts for a friend’s name, or by simply typing their number in the keypad. Once you initiate a conversation with somebody, their name will appear in the main menu, which allows easy access to all your conversations. To delete a conversation, just swipe across the person’s tab and a delete button will appear from the right side of the tab. A conversation is never deleted and you can always view old messages from prior conversations. Thus, the only way to delete a conversation is manually. Possibly one of the coolest features about Textfree Unlimited is the pop-up notifications that appear when somebody texts you, which makes the app even more authentic and identical to the Messages app. Textfree Unlimited also allows you to text in both landscape and portrait modes.


Textfree Unlimited unfortunately has a few minor quirks. For starters, sometimes text doesn’t appear right away in the conversation screen after receiving it even after it appeared in a pop-up notification. Other times, it won’t notify you when a message is received, which can be rather annoying when your friends are telling you to meet up with them on the way to school in the morning. Another minor gripe is that you’re unable to listen to your music while texting.

Overall, Textfree Unlimited, by Pinger, is the best SMS solution I have tried. It gets the job done, and also has a few nice features such as customization and pop-up notifications. Although it has a few bugs, Textfree Unlimited is without a doubt a solid SMS app which gives a good ol’ kick to AT&T’s $20 texting plan.

Therefore, I award Textfree Unlimited a calloused-fingered rating of Grab It.


App Summary
Title:Textfree Unlimited – Send Text Messages (SMS) Free! (v. 3.1.1)Developer:Pinger, Inc.
Price:$5.99App Size:6.3 MB
  • fantastic SMS solution
  • support for landscape/profile texting
  • customization- themes and tones
  • notifications
  • can’t play music and text simultaneously
  • messages don’t always appear


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  • Zach King

    i dont get notifications on my iphone for when i get a messgae!!!! Why not?? the notifications would be a reall big help but i dont i get them???

  • Matthew

    Hiya Zach, to enable Push Notifications – enter your Settings app and then go under Notifications and make sure all the options are enabled for Textfree. Also, be sure you are 3.0 firmware.

    Hope this helped! :)

  • Zach King

    thxs very much for the reasponce! but yeah i jailbroke my iphone so i think that might be part of the problem!!! but yes i have the settings enabled!! still nothing

  • Red Snow

    Ok this is gay this guy txted me from 18271232b@testfree.us and i need to fidn out who it was but i cant? any ideas on how i can find out how?

  • Danny Conley

    it would probably boost their sales if they made it able to send and receive picture mail i know i would but it if it did that but my friends say it can

  • Katherine

    its telling me that textfree is offline and if i want to receive new message i need to connect to the network and restart textfree. what does this mean?

  • Hello Katherine, could you please elaborate a little more? Sometimes, after immediately sending a message, it will say something to the effect of the servers are down, please try again later. But if you send the same message again, it should go through. I have never experienced more than one message in a row being rejected. As long as someone texts you to your number (the number that they received when you texted them from Textfree), you will still receive a message and it should popup as a notification. Only once in a while a message won’t always get sent the first time you try to send it, but Textfree will tell you. Even if you get that error, you’re still able to receive messages from other people.

    Hope this clears things up and sorry for the big-block-of-text-reponse.


  • Heya Danny, for an additional fee ($1), via an in-app purchase, you can enable the ability to send pictures to your friends.

  • Sabrina

    Hey, some one is texting me and I don’t know who that is! I’m creeped out! How can I find out who that is???

  • rizwan

    hi i have been using textfree appz since a month and now i update and now it have many bugs like whenever i recive it close the app and then i had to reset it ? why does it does that?

  • Brittany

    hi ive been using text free for about a week now. There is but one problem to complain about my friend had alltell, and as we know alltell no longer exsist. alltell is now verizon . so when i try to text free her it says invailid adress, and i have tried sending it as vtext but it still does not work any answers or suggestions?

  • kitty

    the same thing that katherine said is happing to my text free app. i have full signal bars on my ipod touch but it wont let me send out messages. i dont get what it means when it says to connect to the network and restart textfree

  • cesar

    Some girl has been texting me from this website. I dont know who she is or how she got my number. Is there a way I can find out who she is??

  • Consider yourself lucky, mate. Actually, I have no idea, but someone may.

  • Carter

    I’m getting all my text from a couple days ago and when I try to delete them it freezes HELP! ASAP

  • Matthew

    Hey Carter,

    So whenever you swipe to get the delete button and hit delete – the app freezes on you? I have never come across that problem before so I’m not sure how to diagnose it. But, you can always just delete and re-install the app. Just make sure to remember your login info! If re-installing doesn’t help, than it may be a problem with your idevice. Have you tried rebooting before using Textfree?

    Hope this helps and let me know if you need further assistance!

  • Brad

    What’s up with ignoring Red Snow (Nov 30, 2009), Sabrina (Dec 13, 2009), and Cesar (Jan 25, 2010)?

    Is there no way to know who is sending unwanted and abusive texts? Since the customer creates their own @textfree.us you would think there would be some way to let textfree know that someone is abusing their service.

  • Erik

    I just got 6 messages from some faggot. Something isn’t right here.

  • Hi, if I manually clear a conversation can I go bak and look at it?

  • Kim

    Hi I always delete msgs but when a friend wat to Lon on hers it works but when u log back into mIne the msgs r still THERE…how do I permantely completely DELETE txt msgs…

  • Rob

    Can i receive picture messages? And how can i?

  • Man-how-in-dhe-world-can-I-send-piictures-as-messeqe dhizs sukz now I Kant sendk pikz plz ppl help me

  • Pedro S

    i have notification messages but i open the app and cant find the messages

  • Rachel

    Did you ever find out how to see the real person texting you? I have someone texting me pretending to be someone else and it’s really unnerving to have someone do this.

  • mack

    hi i got a text from someone i dont know. is there any way to delete it?

  • I need to send unlimited sms National & International sms but nobody are offering free unlimited or International free sms facility. About 90% websites are promising free unlited international sms but they are not really providing this type of facility. So Please tell extract which website are offering this type of service in India or outside from India. Thank you for your reply in Advance.

  • Heather

    textfree uses to be working great! But as of the other morning I stopped receiving my texts but I could still send them… How can I fix this?!

  • Erin Garrett

    i tried this and it dident work.

  • Go To settings and turn on notifications.

  • Jenny

    Ok so my question is, if I txt my boyfriend using TextFree, will it cost him anything on his alltel phone? I know it won’t cost me anything but it would be great to know if it costs him to txt me on TextFree. Please get back to me. Thank you.

  • Googlegrl

    I want to send pics tho!!

  • Kayla

    I love the new calling feature, but it would be nice to have voicemail enabled, even if it isn’t free.

  • Angelsegura4777

    How do my friends send me
    Picture messages ?

  • Afrhd

    to bad the servers are down all the time.

  • Ami

    :( Servers are down a lot though.


    Any reason why you continue to ignore those who are inquiring about who is behind the number?! It’d be nice to get an answer…


    Any reason why you continue to ignore those inquiring about who is behind the number?! An answer would be nice…

  • cheesehead

    i want to recieve pics tho!!

  • Homer

    You can if the pics to you are sent to your @textfree.us name. It says so at the bottom if you send a pic. It’s sending that is a little tricky.
    But for goodness sakes, people…there’s a HELP button if you go back to the main screen and tap the settings “gears” at the top right. Most of your questions are answered there.

  • Jenny(:

    Please help :
    Okay . So whenever I come to text someone on textfree , IT WON’T WORK . Likee :
    When I’m pressing on it , it loads as textfree with the bubble , then it goes back to my main page.. I tried a lot and it wont even work . It only works if someone texts me and then I press view. I was about to delete the app , but will it save my contacts and numbers ? Plz help !

  • Flor Talavera

    Yeah true that I use this app too &’ it always says that right now it’s not working &’ then it says that their going to work on it &’ it would work asap but it takes uh long ass time!!

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