Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space – Smule’s Halloween smut from Smort!


Ocarina no more: Killerina. I am T-pain no more: I Kill T-Pain. And Leaf Trombone? Liver Trombone! This Halloween, Smule have been possessed by the horrible deamons behind the horrid creeper, Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space. Not sure what happened, but damn, things are titillatingly ugly. The undead attackers acutely resemble Marina Orlova of hot for words; in fact, I reckon they may have cloned her! At this point, maybe it doesn’t matter because with the horrible holiday on its way, there is just time enough to grab yer guns… er, yer slingshots and blast them baddies who creep out from the graves.

Smort, Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space, 0.99$, 17.9 MB
Attack Of The Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space

Press Release
To fight these hot but dead aliens you’ll have a variety of conventional and unconventional weapons including:

Dual-wielding slingshots
Zombie-busting ammo such as rocks, live rodents, Molotov cocktails and dynamite
A mysterious power (aka beach party music) that stops the zombies in their tracks

They come in wave after wave. They are scantily clad. And yes, they are trying to eat your brains. The alien invaders have cloned one of the most beautiful women on the internet, Marina Orlova of and they are ready to do battle:

Remember, as a member of the resistance, you are not alone:

Global view shows you who’s winning – the aliens or the earthlings
Challenge other zombie annihilators over Facebook connect

With 40 levels of progressive difficultly you’ll have to be vigilant as wave after wave of Zombie Bikini Babes come at you with different levels of skill, speed and viciousness. Not into achievements? OK, try survival mode and engage in immediate, unadulterated mindless mayhem.

For $0.99 and an iPhone or iPod touch, you can join the resistance today.

App Description
* Master the art of dual-wielding slingshots

Just pull and release. You aim with the direction of the pull. To aim right, pull back left. Like a slingshot. If you want to shoot longer, pull back farther. OK?

* Destroy the invading horde of Zombie Bikini Babes

They come in wave after wave. They are scantily clad. And yes, they are trying to eat your brains.

* Accuracy counts

Torso shots are your bread and butter. Bonus points for severing limbs. Decapitation earns instant credit.

* Upgrade your weapons

Start with slingshots, eventually upgrading to titanium-plated wrist rockets. Consider shooting live ammo, including skunks and squirrels. Eventually you’ll need to step up and earn the trusted Molotov cocktail (extremely effective for taking out a whole bunch of Zombies at once).

* Make them dance

Perhaps the most satisfying weapon of all.

* Try survival mode

Impatient are you? OK. Skip the tutorial and story mode. Forget about earning upgrades. Just launch into MINDLESS MAYHEM.

* Check out globe view

See how your fellow members of the resistance are doing against the hordes of attacking Zombie Bikini Babes.

* Challenge friends over Facebook connect

The resistance needs as many fighters as possible.

Visit for an exclusive trailer and simple tutorial.

Visit HotForWords on YouTube to see the actual Zombie Queen: Marina of Russia.

Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space features a Smort original soundtrack.
What’s new

* Zombies can dance to beach music

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