Triazzle Holiday edition coming soon – let it snow


Triazzle dazzled TMA back in July, and is preparing to again, but this time just for the holidays. Developer Dreamship will release, “Triazzle Holiday” on 1 November for a limited-time sale. This version will burst with the trim from the winter holidays. And in keeping with the sprit, it will remain 99 cents and should be “an irresistible stocking stuffer”. Not sure how to pack the game without an iDevice though … oh I get it – yeah, that is a nice gift!

App Description and Press Release
“Triazzle Holiday” Brings the Season to Life

Dreamship Inc., is pleased to announce the release of Triazzle Holiday. Following the successful introduction of Triazzle 3.0 in July, the Holiday edition of the classic puzzler will be available from the App Store beginning in early November.

Liven up this holiday season with Christmas and Hanukkah themed puzzles that feature animated toys and decorations including: blinking tree lights, glowing ornaments, chomping nutcrackers, and spinning dreidels.

Triazzle Holiday offers 9-piece puzzles in all 4 difficulty levels and uses all of Triazzle’s game features including animated Hints and Shake-to-Solve.

The spirit and music are festive with original holiday melo- dies plus Triazzle’s own versions of Jingle Bells and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker Suite.

Game creator, Dan Gilbert, says, “For fans and newcomers alike, Triazzle Holiday will be a dazzling challenge with falling snow and all new backgrounds and themes.” And the .99 cent price tag makes this an irresistible stocking stuffer.

The award-winning brainteaser that has sold over five million copies has made a dramatic entrance to the iPhone platform, reawakening a generation of fans who are delighted to get reaqauinted wiuth the classic! Triazzle for iPhone brings the popular format to life with stunning artwork, animation, music and sound effects.

Triazzle is a graphical matching puzzle unlike any of the typical match-3-in-a-row computer puzzles. Triazzle is composed of triangular pieces that contain repeating images. To solve the puzzle you must assemble the pieces into the game board with all the pictures matching. It may seem simple but it isn’t. It takes strategy, skill and a little luck.

In the unabridged version there are seven game modes at increasing levels of difficulty, dozens of graphical environ- ments and virtually unlimited puzzles to solve. But unlike most other computer puzzles that play with shapes or jewels, Triazzle plays with colorful animals that come to life when correctly matched: hopping, flapping, crawling, and glowing! The more puzzle you solve the more animated it becomes!

An original musical score by TV and film composer Billy White Acre plunges you into an exotic world each time you play. The richly textured music and layers of nature sound effects add to Triazzle’s one of a kind gaming experience. Triazzle is quick to learn and easy to use, making use of Apple’s touch screen and accelerometer. Features include an animated hint mode, animated “shake-to-solve” and fully illustrated help screens.


  • Pick-up-and-play, Triazzle is intuitive and easy to learn!
  • 9 and 16 piece puzzle formats (others on the way!)
  • Beginner, intermediate and difficult levels
  • Special Kids’ Games for players 5 and up
  • Puzzle characters come to life when correctly matched
  • Pieces are easy to manipulate, touch and drag, tap to rotate
  • Handy “docks” store puzzle pieces and may be retract-
  • ed for additional playing space
  • “Matches” feature highlights all correctly matched pieces
  • Animated Hints feature assists you when you need help
  • “Shake-to-Solve” completes any puzzle for you • “Simple Backgrounds” option provides less detailed screens for visually challenged
  • Easy to follow, illustrated Help screens
  • No clock for stress-free game play
  • Games in play are automatically saved
  • Dozens of stunning graphical environments
  • Original music scored by film & TV composer Billy White Acre

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