Secrets of Mysterious Island – unravelling soon on an iDevice near you


Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island is one of the most compelling adventure game ports that I have experienced, and at its great price of 2.99$, is certainly one of the best values at the App Store. But, the news only gets better; Chillingo will be releasing its sequel, Secret of Mysterious Island, in just a few weeks to eager fans of Mina, Secret Island’s sultry atmosphere, and gorgeous graphics.

Stay tuned: this space reserved for download link and our review! Follow the gap for the press release and videos.

Update: Secrets of the Mysterious Island is now available at the App Store!

Chillingo, Jules Verne’s Secrets of Mysterious Island, $6.99, 704 MB
Jules Verne?s Secrets Of The Mysterious Island

App Description and Press Release
The Mysterious Island, offers the player an experience comparable to that of Robinson Crusoe or one of Verne’s characters. Jules Verne’s Secrets of The Mysterious Island is the sequel to adventure game Return to Mysterious Island released earlier this year. The story continues to follow the adventures of Mina, a young girl who was cast ashore on an island after her ship sunk. At first, she must recover physically from her ordeal by finding items to eat, and then she sets off to explore this new territory cut off from the world in the hopes of finding a way to leave and return home.

The adventure reaches its end after Mina discovers the island’s secret, meets Captain Nemo’s ghost, and neutralizes the magnetic shield that isolates and conceals the island from the outside world. The cinematic end sequence shows the rescue services’ helicopter Mina had called land on the beach.

Secrets of The Mysterious Island begins with the crash of the helicopter that came to rescue Mina: a sudden volcanic eruption brought down the aircraft. Mina survived but is once again trapped on the island. She searches Captain Nemo’s base in vain, then the ruins of an unknown civilization, afterwards, she finally understands that it is outside pollution that threatens the island. The only way to save this natural wonder is to turn the shield back on. If Mina makes this decision, she gives up, as Nemo did before her, the idea of returning to civilization.

For approximately 700 Mb, the player will find out the end of the adventure of Mina, a sailor who finds herself stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited island somewhere in the South Pacific. Jules Verne’s “Secrets of The Mysterious Island ” contains stunning 3D graphics, many ambient sounds, music designed to enhance the mysterious atmosphere and feel. It is perfect for experienced adventure gamers as well as for Jules Verne’s novels reader or even very casual players.

A special 3.0 feature allows you to navigate in the game both with the fingers touching the screen but also using the compass and the accelerometer to explore and turn in the 360° view. A very intuitive in-game tutorial will guide your first steps of the adventure. A full 3D environment with numerous tricky mini-games and intriguing puzzles, will keep you entertained for over 15 hours of exciting gameplay.

Jules Verne’s “Secrets of The Mysterious Island ” will available for $ 6.99 from Apple App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.
This initial version will be fully translated in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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