Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the App economy, but were afraid to ask!


You know, the Apple App Store is such a thriving market, that we can’t help but try to take a look at the bigger picture. If we talk about “Apps”, the real pioneer would probably have to be Facebook, who, after opening their doors to 3rd-party developers, have literally brought forth a whole new industry of small App development – an industry that is quickly changing the rules of business thanks to it it’s extremely low entry level investments and possible sky-high profits.

Douglas MacMillan, Peter Burrows and Spencer E. Ante take a look at the new and booming industry of App development. Thanks to the in-depth information provided by one of the pioneers of the new business, Zynga (the creators of such games as Mafia Wars and Live Poker) as well as other sources, this is really a guide-book to the new world, the world of the entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

With the smartphones reshaping the tech world as we know it, power is given to the little people, the ones who can really pinpoint what the consumer needs and wants and deliver it in as little time as possible. With the success of iTunes, which was shunned at the time of its initial launch and now made even greater thanks to the App Store, Apple is leading the current “App” market with more than 85,000 entries in the highly populated virtual store.

What is the future of this booming market? Read the excellent article at Businessweek.

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