Save Our Souls – Episode 01 in Review – Feel like George Clooney from ER!


It’s nice to see more and more adventure games appear on the “Jesus” phone. Especially if they have been developed specifically for it, using its great interface capabilities. And now, a new addition to the genre has been presented by Medigames Studios. You’ll have the unique opportunity to discover how hard it is to be in the first-aid officer’s shoes. Yep, just like ER! Or almost…

The game starts really strong; a beautifully drawn intro describes the tale of Ethan, who’s better half suffered an accident at a party and ended up in coma. Harassed by his conscience, he joins the First-aid service to make sure that nothing like this ever happens to anybody else. And here’s where we come in. We’ll have to guide Ethan and help him save lives…Or at least one life.

review-save-our-souls-episode1-cut1The game is a mix of a point-and-click adventure and a mini-game of saving patients. After a long preamble, broken only by a few vending-machine shakes to get some stuff (yes, you’ll actually have to shake your iPhone to do this), we find ourselves on our first mission: a distress call from a son about his father who fainted in the bathroom. Unfortunately, he hangs up before going into any more detail, so it’s up to us to locate the apartment and save the poor man.


This is where the adventure comes in. We have to navigate around the building, talk to people, find the apartment, and, once inside, help the father while keeping his stupid son in check. After we finally find the father, turn of the power, unplug the electrical equipment in the bathroom and get him out of there; we find ourselves in a small minigame, where we have to check him for consciousness in under 30 seconds. To do this, we have to check 4 hotspots on him and shake the iPhone to mimic shaking him awake. If we manage in time, we get praised, if not – we get reprimanded.

review-save-our-souls-episode1-save1Unfortunately here the game ends abruptly with the wonderful line of “Stay tuned for episode 2”. And all of this after just about 20 minutes of gameplay! And all of this for $4.99! You know, I really felt cheated, even though I got to review it for free. I can’t imagine how furious would I have been have I paid the full price. And seeing as the game has Episode 1 in the title, the follow-ups, if they ever happen (1112 has not had the second installment in more than 6 months) will probably be released as separate titles.


There is not much else to say about the game. Also, the adventuring part of the game is very very simple and straightforward, proving zero challenge. Even the use of items is completely automatic, provided you have them. The nicely rendered graphics, strong story and the dialogs do little to justify the price of $4.99 with less than half-hour of gameplay. I wouldn’t even put a price tag of $0.99 on this, since there are lots and lots of titles on the App Store at this price, who will provide more, and better gameplay.

With this I declare Save Our Souls – Episode 1 officially touched.


App Summary
Title: Save Our Souls – Episode 01 (v.1.0.0) Developer: MEDIGAMES STUDIOS
Price: $4.99 App Size: 26.7 MB
  • Beautiful cutscenes
  • Nice graphics
  • Strong story
  • Game length of less than half-hour
  • Horribly overpriced
  • Rather long area transition times


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