A small step for QuickSMS, a giant leap for iPhone-kind!


While everybody is talking about the latest Apple rumours, people often forget that the all-powerful “Jesus” phone is, unfortunately, still lacking some very basic functions. Probably the most critical one still missing is the SMS delivery reports, one that even the oldest phones had built in. Yes, you an manually enter symbols at the beginning of the SMS to request a report, but there is always the problem that the symbol varies from provider to provider and that the report will arrive as a separate message. Well, a small company called iSoft has finally provided an answer to our prayers!

iSoft is the developer of the MySMS and QuickSMS, as well as some other useful applications for jailbroken phones. Personally, I have used QuickSMS since the beginning since, despite being a bit unstable at times, it is THE best SMS app out there. Enough so that it allows you to assign custom SMS sounds to your contacts individually! And thanks to being completely integrated into Springboard, it is lightning fast and available from within ANY application!


And with their latest update they have finally provided NATIVE SMS delivery reports. That’s right, no more symbols or separate messages, the status of SMS messages is visible using a small icon right on the message bubble, like in any other phone.


The only downside is, as stated above, that it requires the iPhone to be jailbroken. And it is a bit pricey at $13.99. But I gladly rolled out the cash, since the feature package is just marvellous. And for just an additional buck you can get the QuickCalendar and QuickBirthday applications bundled in.

While certain seedy issues pervade the Jailbreak scene, there are many indispensible uses for utilities which allow you to shed Apple’s strict control over the iPhone. As outlined above, SMS delivery reports, a vital (and ancient) function of mobile phones is just one. Our coverage of the Jailbreak scene can be found here and for recent articles, check below:
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