Another Maya Calendar app predicts earths’ demise


Look out. Take cover. Run. Not sure if any of that will help though. Maya Calendar comes at the turn of the tide, as we wallow in our lunatic ways, blithely summoning the destruction which wrecked havoc among our mortal friends, the Maya. KeeWee tech, the dev responsible for warning us of the coming cataclysm are responsible for quite a few niche apps which come with suitably niche prices; in all likelihood, the Calendar, which predicts nothing less than another Mayan cataclysmo, is preying on a niche gullibility; nay, a susceptibility to bad news which sits deep within the human soul.

App Description:
According to the Mayan calendar, the current Golden Age (the fifth), will end on 21 December 2012. The previous four eras (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) would all end with huge environmental upheavals. According to various researchers, the cataclysms that marked the end of the Mayan Ages were caused by a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, due to a shift of the planet. Do you want to know how much time is left on this fateful date?

Download Maya Calendar!

KeeWee Technology, Maya Calendar, 0.99$, 1.1 MB
Maya Calendar

A better option, however comes after the gap.

But despite an impeccably narrow resume, KeeWee Tech’s app does a hell of a lot less than the similarly priced Coyote Wind Studios‘ app, Maya Date, which lets you enjoy both ‘elegant’ Mayan hieroglyphics, and tack a cardinal number to that special day (use your creativity here). Imagine: you come home from work and your husband, tired from a long day of writing, is collapsed on the sofa under a comforter and a layer of potato crisps. His obvious exhaustion belts in snores which would embarrass a high-school pool party, and he may have tinkled a bit – at least that is what your large-as-spoons nostrils are saying.

And, on his chest, slightly greased from a few crumpled crisps, is a Mayan Calendar, and in a pencilled-in heart, the number 123435352323683465241.77678. While this ain’t no choose-your-own-adventure, I have to ask: what would you do? You could throw things around, demanding that he clean up his sty; or you could do a quick Google search and then gently rest in the assurance that he has thought of your anniversary.

Maya Date, which for 99 cents does more in better style may be the app for the cardinal lover, and may save your marriage, if not the world.


Coyote Wind Studio, Maya Date, $0.99. 1.4 MB
Maya Date

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