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Back in the days when the sky was bluer, the grass was greener, and PCs had text-only screens, a genre thrived which spawned what we know today as the Point-And-Click adventure. The name of that genre was Interactive Fiction and it was so named because it played more like a choose your own adventure book. At the time, there was little else to look at beside text descriptions and any actions had to be entered manually via the keyboard. Well, guess what, this genre was adapted and brought to the iPhone by a little company called Pockster.

The adventure game genre on the iPhone is still largely underpopulated. This leads the fans to welcome each and every addition to it gladly and with much fanfare. And old-school gamers remember that many IF (Interactive Fiction) game were able to provide the experience, rivaled only by the select few games, even after the dawn of the Point-And-Click era. This was due to the fact that with little work required to put in on the graphical side of the game, it had to excel in story presentation. IF fans, Raving Manor has all of that.


The story, which you uncover in bits, is about the poor fate of a brilliant scientist and his family in an old haunted mansion, is one of the best works of fiction I’ve … played. You arrive in the mansion by accident when driving from an airport late at night and become trapped in the old house. To escape, you must uncover its secrets and put the spirits of the inhabitants to rest.

review-raving-manor-storyIt is also one of the most atmospheric games I’ve ever played. The story presentation is excellent and I’ve literally had goose bumps creeping all over me while exploring the dark mansion. Multiple times I’ve been afraid what I would find in the next room! And this on the iPhone with no sound! Graphically the game is exceptional, the story of your exploration is told in a comic-like fashion and the art is excellent.


Unfortunately, there are downsides. Most of them are characteristic of the IF genr.  The interface, while quite simple, is not as intuitive as it could have been on the iPhone. All of the interaction is done using selectable text boxes (you know, the drum-like ones). The most frustrating thing is the limited inventory coupled with the fact that the items do NOT disappear after their use in the game. This makes for an extremely annoying and difficult game. The writings on the walls, that are supposed to provide hints for the deciphering the mysteries of Raving Manor, need deciphering themselves. And no clues are provided to assist you on this. The only help is the hint button that takes you to the iAdventureGame webpage with assorted hints, but that really spoils a lot of the game since it invites you to read hints, you’re not in need of yet.


Overall, Raving Manor has its ups and downs, but with the limited amount of adventures on the platform can serve as a reasonable way to pass some time until the more of the big titles make their way onto the “Jesus” phone, though, frankly, I feel that $1.99 the game is little overpriced. And the excellent story and atmosphere will have a special appeal to horror fans.

With this I declare Raving Manor officially touched.

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App Summary
Title: Raving Manor (v.1.3) Developer: Pockster
Price: $1.99 App Size: 9.0 MB
  • Excellent story and atmosphere
  • Very good graphical presentation
  • Outdated interface
  • Limited inventory
  • Exceptionally difficult puzzles with few hints


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