Quick App Update: IM+ 3.4 now Available

im_mainSHAPE Services, makers of the popular chat app IM+ for the iPhone/iPod Touch, have released the much anticipated 3.4 update at the App Store. Already a solid choice as an “All-in-One Messenger” for iDevice Users, SHAPE taken the app to another level with some great new additions:

  • Speech recognition as an in-app purchase feature.
  • Animated Emoticons.
  • Copy text from chat bubbles.
  • New email notifications via Push – for Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail.

TMA’s ChiffaN had an exclusive look at the update several weeks back and reviewed IM+, his copy based on the final version submitted to Apple.

All in all, IM+ is a real gem. Since installation, I have removed all other networking and messaging apps (except for Facebook), and haven’t regretted it. It really helps keeping all of your messaging in one place and does an excellent job of it.

If you’re tired of using mediocre messaging apps, IM+ is certainly one of the top choices out there for your iPhone/iPod Touch.  There is also a free Lite version you can try out, though it doesn’t have the latest features from the 3.4 update.

SHAPE Services, IM+ , $9.99, 6.5 MB

App Description:

Wow! Really all-in-one!
No cost per message! Send photo, voice and text for free and save on MMS and SMS!

Twitter, Skype Chat, Facebook, Google Talk and Yahoo and MSN and AOL and ICQ and MySpace and Jabber and Geo-location and send Photo, Voice and Location and and and – the full list is endless, pls see below.

New in 3.4:
– Speech recognition as an in-app purchase feature.
– Copy text from chat bubbles.
– New email notifications via Push – for Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail (Set push for new email in account settings).

Well, there are some knock-offs in the app store, but:

  • IM+ is the only original multi-IM, being bestseller for all smartphones since 2002!
  • IM+ has the most services including Twitter and Skype chat and Push notifications for all the services.
  • IM+ enables multi-tasking with a built-in browser. IM+ Browser uses the same filtering as Safari on your phone.
  • Send photo, voice and IM for free, save on MMS and SMS! No cost per message! IM+ uses your existing data plan or Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can use Geo-location as a dynamic status message to let your friends easily find you on a map.

With IM+ you can be sure that new and revolutionary features will arrive every month.

In v.3.4 Auto-Correction is broken, but fix is ready now and it will be included in v.3.5.


  • The widest support of IM networks including Twitter and Skype chat
  • Apple Push notifications for all supported networks. Stay online even when IM+ is closed
  • Twitter: View friends’ timeline, favorites, direct messages and replies
  • Send voice messages as MP3 files – yes, playable back on any Mac, PC or mobile
  • Send photos
  • Send video on iPhone 3G S
  • Send Geo-location
  • Use custom status messages including Geo-status
  • Use cool wallpapers from your Photo library or from IM+ in your chat windows
  • Full emoticons support
  • Avatar support
  • Embedded browser
  • Multi-lingual support. Chat in any language supported by your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Landscape mode convenient typing

With IM+ you get premium support and great server infrastructure.

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