AppBox Pro in Review – The Swiss Army knife 3 times over


Do you want to know how many kilometers is in a 100 miles? Or how much 100 euro is in US dollars tonight? Or how many days are left until Valentine’s day? Well, there’s an app for that. Too often, you’ll find these tools available as individual downloads, hence using up precious icon space on your iDevice. But not always! Introducing AppBox Pro, the place to go to for all those things you do on your iPhone once a year.

You know, it really annoyed me keeping half a dozen apps on my phone that I use about once or twice a year. Then again, that one or two times a year they ARE needed, I literally couldn’t live without them. Therefore I was stuck, until AppBox Pro came along that is. The smart folks at ALLABOUTAPPS have combined all of the rare uses of the iPhone into one amazing toolbox – the AppBox!

The full list includes:

  • Battery Life
  • Clinometer(Inclinometer) – Surface/Bubble Level
  • Currency Converter – 195 Currencies
  • Date Calculator
  • Days Until(Countdown)
  • Flashlight(Torch)
  • Holidays – 83 Countries
  • Loan Calculator
  • Periodic Calculator
  • Price Grab
  • Random Number
  • Ruler
  • Sale Price
  • System Info
  • Tip Calculator
  • Translator
  • Unit Converter – 17 Categories, 357 Units
  • Web Apps Links

I hope you will forgive me for now giving a detailed review of each and every app, since the sheer amount of them is overwhelming, but I’ll try to note any important points and/or issues.

Ok, so let’s start with the general information apps. I would say that Battery Life, and System Info fall into this category. I can say this about the Battery Life: it is supposed to give you an estimate on how long your phone will last depending o your activity and the current charge level – it is OVERLY optimistic. I’ve never had 7 hours of game time on a full charge. And for some reason the app sees the battery in leaps, that is while the percentage indicator on the statusbar is at 89%, the app still shows 100% charge. The System Info seems to be genuine, with the indications consistent with other apps, but since there is no memory cleaning option, it is of little use.


Next – the conversion apps, featuring unit and currency converters. They work without issues, the currency app allows you to choose the currencies, for which the rate is cached, thus allowing you to save some traffic on updates. I really liked the interface of the unit converter, it is very easy to use and quite slick.


Ok, now let’s talk about the date apps. They include Date Calculator, Days Until, Holidays and Periodic calculator. Starting with the Date Calculator – it basically allows you to count the number of days between two dates, display what date will it be in (i.e 456 days from the date in question), what day of the week is a particular date or make a solar-lunar calendar conversion (or vice-versa). What I missed as a businessman is the count of how many work weeks are there between dates or what date it’ll be in, say, 35 weeks from now.

Days Until does exactly as stated, the countdown of days until a set event. It works as well as can be expected, though it could be even more detailed (up to hours, minutes and seconds). Holidays is an extremely useful app, allowing you to quickly check the state holidays in almost any country. And for the female users out there, Periodic Calculator predicts the next three periods based on historical data. And it is password protectable as well!


Ok, some finance functions are also worth a mention. They are Loan Calculator, Price Grab, Sale Price and Tip Calculator. The Loan Calculator is, guess what, for calculating loan details. You input the amount, the term and the interest rate and it calculates the payment, the schedule and interest. It also gives you the ability to compare several loans at different terms. Price Grab allows you to compare prices for items (usually groceries) taking into account their amounts. Meaning, say you could buy 8 hot dog buns for $10 or 20 hot dog buns for $22. It’s hard to say off the top of your head, which option is cheaper, but this allows you to do so quickly and easily. Sale Price is just a handy tool to calculate how much a $299 shirt will cost with a 70% discount (no, I don’t buy such shirts, unfortunately). And Tip calculator is handy for those occasions when you go out with friends and end up trying to figure out how much each of you must pay for those 67 tequilas (this has ACTUALLY happened to me).

There are also the handyman’s tools:  Flashlight, Ruler and Clinometer. They work as well as to be expected. You can adjust the flashlight both by colour and brightness. The clinometers offers both surface and bubble views with a handy calibrate option. And the ruler offers both inches and centimetres.


Additionally AppBox offers a Translator. Unfortunately it’s one powered by Google Translate, so it’s nothing more than an on-top interface, but is sometimes handy nonetheless. A Random Number generator can be useful for those parties when you end up playing guess the number. And to top it all off, a shortcut to the never-used Apple Web Apps (remember those, before the day of the AppStore?) is available. Even a game (Collapse ) is part of the package.


The presentation is great and very customizable. A dashboard with some often used info is available (closest holidays, memory status, etc.). All the apps are arranged in a SpringBoard like screen and you can hide or rename them in the settings according to your liking.


All in all, I would say that this is a must-have app for any iPhone owner. No wonder it has been in the top-ten list for a fair share of weeks while priced at $0.99. And even after the price increase, I would say that it is still more than worth the money spent.

With this I declare AppBox Pro officially touched!


App Summary
Title: AppBox Pro (v.1.2.2) Developer: ALLABOUTAPPS
Price: $1.99 App Size: 3.1 MB
  • All of the rarely used apps in one sweet package
  • Convenient dashboard
  • Some apps could use some tweaking


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