PushMail in Review – the way push email should be + Promo Codes!

promo-giveaway-banner1 pushmail-review8There’s no arguing that push notifications have been among the most sought after features on the iPhone; upon release, the flood gates pretty much opened up and now there are many push apps. One of the biggest features that I was waiting for was push for email. There are a handful of push mail apps out there and among them, Simon Patarin’s is one of the best.

Push Mail Features:

  • Settings customizable per account, per sender and per subject
  • 25 notification sounds to choose from
  • Silence mode to not be disturbed at night
  • Badge notifications
  • Open Mail or any URL directly from the notification
  • Built-in help

The built in mail service is good and definitely serves a purpose, but it’s a pain when mails pile up. There are already a bunch of “Gmail” branded push apps but the unfortunate fact is that not everybody has a gmail account and it seems silly to have to create one just to get push notifications on your phone. PushMail works like magic with just about any provider that allows email forwarding. *Note: Depending on which email provider you use (ie Yahoo, AOL), a ‘work around’ maybe required to make it compatible with PushMail.

pushmail-review2Rather than creating a whole new email account, all you do is select what you want your username to be. It really is that simple to set up the app. From that point on, when you want one of your email address’s forwarded to your phone, just edit that account’s settings so that it forwards to a specific address.


The notifications are almost instant. Using my webmail account, I sent multiple test emails to one of the addresses I set up for Push. Just mere seconds after hitting sending, the mails came through. When a push comes through, it will display all kinds of info (look below). Once you tap to view it, you will either view it within the app, automatically open up mail.app in compose mode, or open a specified URL.

pushmail-review4Another great feature of PushMail is amount of customization that is available. You can edit everything which appears in the notification popup: sender, title, content, etc.; badges, and 25 different notification sounds. The list goes on and on. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also specify how things look/act based on the account, who sent it or even the subject. You won’t find anything like this built into your default notifications and you’d be hard pressed to find all these features in another app.

Design wise, everything is as simple as the work that goes into using it. There are buttons at the bottom for history, settings, and help if you need to brush up on all the details. Emails can only be viewed in portrait mode, but everything is layed out so neatly that it’s extremely to use and figure out.

pushmail-review6PushMail is a surprisingly good app. The amount of customization is great and the speed and reliability of push notifications is amazing. I’ve tried some of the other “gmail” push apps and none of them stack up to Push Mail; the fact that I can read the mail within the app is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t necessarily want all of their various emails setup on the phone but wants to make sure they don’t miss out on anything.

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App Summary
Title: PushMail (v2.0) Developer: Simon Patarin
Price: $2.99 App Size: 3.6 MB
  • Pleasingly simple
  • No extra mail accounts needed
  • Loads of customizations
  • Extremely fast push notifications
  • No landscape view
  • Some notable exceptions with certain email providers. Check here for details


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