Dark Nebula – Episode One In Review: Just Roll with it


Dark Nebula has been a pretty widely-anticipated game ever since the gameplay trailer hit the ‘net. Just by watching the video, you could tell that it’s a fast-paced arcade romp which boasts awesome visuals. Well, let me tell you straight up: this game does not disappoint. From the second I started playing until the minute I beat it, it was the only game I wanted to play.

The premise of the game is simple: you must guide a ball through various puzzles and traps using the accelerometer. The puzzle elements are generally incredibly easy, yet insanely entertaining, and mostly consist of rolling over coloured pads so that you can open gates of the same colour. Traps, on the other hand, is where the real fun comes in.


There are tonnes of contraptions which will make your venture from the beginning of the level to the end as difficult (and awesome-looking) as possible. Giant spokes, for instance will form timing-essential barriers, and jump pads will send your ball flying into the air (which looks sweet), helping you to get over some walls and deadly gaps. These too, look pretty sweet.


There are also some gates which you have to open that do NOT require a colour-code in order to pass. At these, you must push pegs into holes, at which point they’ll slot into place with a healthy spattering of cool effects, and the gate will open.

Remember, this is only “Episode One,” which means there will be future updates to add a substantial amount of new content. The current release has only ten levels, which I was able to conquer in a mere 45 minutes or so (estimated… I didn’t time it). So, yeah, it’s pretty short at the moment.

But, the game makes up for that with some awesome puzzles and contraptions that will keep you quite entertained until it ends. Plus, as I said, the “Episode One” in the title makes me hopeful for a lot of good content.


I’ve actually replayed a few levels, though, due to a star ranking system… There are gold, silver, and bronze star ratings for each level, and of course I’ve gone for gold on each one. So far, I need three more gold stars. So, there is some incentive to replay levels, a fact which adds a bit of time needed to finish the game. Not to mention, even on your first run through, it’s a lot of fun to see how well you can score.

All-in-all, definitely an amazing game. One of the best I’ve played on the device so far, even if it is much too short. I look forward to future updates.


App Summary
Title: Dark Nebula – Episode One (v1.0) Developer: 1337 Game Design
Price: $0.99 App Size: 9.0 MB
  • Lickable graphics
  • Amazing use of accelerometer
  • Replayability
  • Episodic (Updates FTW!)
  • Too short


This review of Dark Nebula was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Connor Coghlan. You can find him via his twitter account @Condawg

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