Mystery Mania in Review – A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery


You know, I am an adventure games junkie. I love to keep my grey matter pumping and I love point-and-click games. Unfortunately, the iPhone has a serious lack of those. Thankfully, EA (that is Electronic Arts for those, living in a tank) decided to step and fill the void at least a little bit. Introducing, Mystery Mania!

Mystery Mania is a story about a robot named F8. He wakes up in a closet in the house of his creator without even remembering how he got there in the first place and with the inventor missing. After solving a few puzzles and crossing a couple of rooms, he gets to the barely functioning F1, a machine who is the only one capable of telling him where his creator is and what happened to him. Unfortunately the F1 is missing a few parts, so he’ll have to spend the majority of the game fixing him by progressively moving from room to room solving puzzles and searching for the missing parts.


As I said above, the basic goal of Mystery Mania is to find a way to open the door to the next room. The puzzles are quite logical and don’t cause any frustration. Maybe it’s due to my large adventure gaming experience — I don’t know — but I found most of the puzzles too easy. And the other problem is that the game is simply TOO short. It took about 1,5 hours to play it from start to finish. I must admit I didn’t get all achievements, but playing through it again JUST to find all of them never even crossed my mind. It’s simply not worth it.


The graphics are very retro, reminding me of the Amiga or C64 games. But this is ok since it adds to the whacky atmosphere of the game. The music is ok as well and its interface is very point-and-clicky, though you don’t actually get to move F8, only use items. On the whole, the game reminds me of the myriads of Flash-based puzzlers you can find on the Web.


There is really not much else to say about Mystery Mania. It features a great and very touching story and memorable characters and adds to the extremely short list of point-and-click adventure/puzzlers on the iPhone and is a reasonable purchase for any fan. The only unreasonable thing about it is the price since $3.99 is a horrendous price for a game with a gameplay length of less than 2 hours. But once the game goes on sale, it’ll be a worthwhile pick.


App Summary
Title:Mystery Mania (V 1.10)Developer:Electronic Arts
Price:$3.99App Size:5.2 MB
  • A member of a rare breed of Point-and-Click puzzlers
  • Great and touching storyline
  • Memorable characters
  • The puzzles are too easy
  • The game length is less than 2 hours


  • nub

    Great review, and it truly is a blast from the past with the only downside being its over far to quick. Well worth getting.

  • Thanks for the kind words. I do my best.

  • Shawna

    Great review!!! I just got and I agree the graphics are very retro, which I love. Though…. I must ask, how do you get out of the Teddy bear room!!!! I admit to being quite stuck…..

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  • Smiley

    the blue and black beads behind the boy is the pattern to put in the control box hope that helped :)

  • Elisann

    Thank you Smiley. I was going nuts trying to get out of the room. Your reply to Shawna was a life saver.

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  • Clair

    Thank u so much for the answer!!

  • Jesse

    can somebody post a complete walkthrough?
    im stuck in this one room with a pile of balls, a hole in the floor, an ethenol. canister, and a magnet and bolt on a string that u swing at the door…….please help me

  • risurfdog

    In the den I can’t seem to get through the locked(right) door.

  • Patty

    Push the box over to the bookcase. Flip the switch to see the three special books. Touch those books in
    this order: yellow, blue, red. You’ll need to hop on the box before you try red. Then, the clock will slide and the key will be revealed.

  • Patty

    Can you go to the Map and find out exactly where you are? Use the green button in the lower right corner. Then select Map from the Main Menu. You will find the room you are currently in has the little robot in the window.

  • Miramanga

    Full walkthrough of Mystery Mania available here!

  • Private

    Put the magnet on the string then put cannon ball on magnet. Swing three times.

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