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Minigolf… This one word sure brings fond memories. We used to go there every weekend when I was in high school. We even used to sneak in after dark with our own clubs and golf balls to play for free. Since then, this delightful game always had a special place in my heart. That being said, I was really excited when I got my hands on Adrenaline Golf Online, one of the few mini-games ever to successfully deliver the same wacky golf experience.

Okay, I know this needs no introduction, but for the record, the goal of Adrenaline Golf Online is to get your ball in the hole. As in any minigolf game, instead of huge greens you have to shoot across in regular golf, the courses here are made up of twisted and complicated parts. You may have to shoot the ball through holes in walls, avoid rolling stones, navigate through mazes of ledges just to get to that little place marked with the flag. You can change the controls to your liking, from the straight and easy choice of power with a circular slider,  to the expert-only mode of controlling the hit with the speed and range of a vertical flick.

review-adrenaline-golf-online-levelsIn addition to the classic gameplay, Adrenaline Golf Online features two additional modes as well as online play. The additional ways to play are Star Hunter, where you have to collect stars scattered across the level to unlock the final hole, and the Crazy Challenge, where you are given only 7 strokes to start with and earn an additional 3 for every hole. From what I’ve found, I would say the course difficulty level is rather high and the number of strokes set as par seem to be excessively low.

Of course, the game is not called Adrenaline Golf ONLINE for no good reason. It features an amazingly competitive online multiplayer mode. The scoring is simple, you have to get your ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes. Keep in mind the time since the game ends several minutes after the first player finishes the course.

review-adrenaline-golf-online-tiki2The other twist is that the stars, scattered across the level, have a new purpose here. Once you obtain it, you are given a random special ability you can activate any time you you wish, though only once. This ability hinders the progress of other players, and may result in, for example, your opponent’s balls turning into cubes or become extremely heavy. Remembering that many courses feature such obstacles as loop-the-loop, you can see that using these abilities at the right time can play the deciding role. Despite having online play, on-line rankings are missing from the game.

Adrenaline Golf Online provides you 4 areas with 18 holes each. The areas are distinctly different, both in appearance and in specifics on obstacle placement, including locales like the Waicoco Islands, Jungle Temple, Teekee Moon and Volcano Beach. Graphically the game is simply amazing, especially the Teekee Moon level, set at night. This is indeed one of the games to show off the iPhones capabilities. The performance is ultra-smooth on the 3G, and the developers promise that proud owners of the 3GS will have water reflections as a bonus. Unfortunately I’m not one  of the lucky bunch, so am unable to verify. The music is also nicely done and this is one the few games I would actually recommend to play with headphones on.

review-adrenaline-golf-online-online2All in all, you won’t be disappointed with the money you’ll spend on Adrenaline Golf Online, especially if you enjoy the genre. The game provides THE minigolf experience augmented by amazing graphics and a great soundtrack. The multiplayer is very refreshing for a golf game and the only thing that would make it better would be online rankings. I would definitely recommend this game to any minigolf fan.

With this I declare Adrenaline Golf Online officially touched.


App Summary
Title: Adrenaline Golf Online Developer: Eurocenter
Price: $4.99 App Size: 37.8 MB
  • Stunning graphics
  • 4 playing environments
  • 3 game modes
  • Online multiplayer
  • No online rankings
  • High difficulty


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