Black raindrops are falling on my iPhone! – Jailbreak with blackra1n

news-blackrain-1Jailbreakers, rejoice! Geohot has done it again! Yesterday he made available his long-awaited new jailbreaking tool – blackra1n. This tool tackles just about everything, from the old 2G to the latest 3.1 OTB (Out the box) 3GS and even the iPod Touch 3G. And all of this in just 30 seconds! A note of warning though – blackra1n is for OFFICIAL 3G/3GS phones ONLY since it requires the phone to be updated by the official 3.1.2 firmware. If you’re not afraid of this, read on!

Okay, so how would you make this work? Well, it’s easy.

  1. First, download the latest version of blackra1n from Geohot’s website.
  2. Now make a restore to the official 3.1.2 firmware (shift+Restore).
  3. Warning: This will ERASE all of the data on your phone so make sure you make any backups you require.
  4. Next run blackra1n and press “Make it ra1n”.
  5. The process starts.
  6. Next the device should go into “Recovery mode”.
  7. If everything goes as planned you should see the blackra1n image.
  8. .


  9. After the device reboots, you’ll see a blackra1n icon on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  10. Run blackra1n on the device and choose what you love most (Cydia, Rock or Icy).
  11. Warning: Choose only one of them; otherwise you may run into serious problems later.

And that’s all folks. You have a jailbroken “Jesus” phone.

Warning: iPod Touch 3G requires you to run balckra1n on every reboot for you to keep the jailbreak.


I would also note that blackra1n is still marked as RC1 (release candidate), so if you’re in no rush, I would recommend to wait until the final version is live. Some people have reported problems using the current version.

Thanks Geohot for sticking it to the MAN! And hooray for all the free thinking community! Apple, we will fight your evil plans for taking over the world to the very end!

Please note that TouchMyApps does not take responsibility for any harm which may come to your iDevice due to jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is a great way to add software functionality to a restricted device and we applaud both the development team who support it, and the development team who support the App Store.

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