iBlast Moki in Review – what a blast!

iBlast Moki 1

iBlast Moki is just one of those games you can’t help but like. It’s got the fun graphical quality found in Rolando and LocoRoco, and the easy pick-up-and play quality of a puzzle game It’s easily one of my favorite games on the iDevice, and I dare you to play it and not find yourself in the same boat.

iBlast Moki 2

iBlast Moki is split into 6 lands, with around 10-13 levels per land; in order unlock the next land, you must first beat a certain number of levels in the land you’re currently in. Also, depending upon how fast you managed to beat a particular level, you will earn a medal (bronze, silver, gold). So, like the best puzzle games, it’s got a series of rewards for you to earn and incentives to keep playing.

iBlast Moki 3

When you begin a level, you’re shown your Moki (or Mokis) and often given a hint as to how to proceed with getting that Moki to the level’s exit (as shown by the swirling ball). One of the primary methods of moving your Moki is placing a bomb near it. When you do so, you’ll see the trajectory come up on the screen, giving you an idea of where that Moki is going to go flying to once the bomb goes off. Things start simply enough: where you learn about setting delays on your time bombs so that you can set off a series and keep the Moki moving to where you need it to go.

iBlast Moki 4

But things build from there, as the game throws in destructible pieces you need to get through, movable pieces that must be pushed aside and multiple Mokis who must all be saved. And even though new pieces are added as you progress: rope, pipes and balloons; you always have a very limited inventory of these items, which means that you must work to find the best method of achieving your goal. Something else I love about iBlast Moki is that each world tends to change the rules a bit too. Just when you’re used to Mokis sailing through the air, we switch to a water world where a bomb will send the Moki on a downward arc instead.

iBlast Moki 5

But wait – that’s not all! On top of all that, there’s the fantastically robust level creator. You can make your own levels, building them as intricately as you’d like, using everything that you find in the game itself – and then you can share those creations on the plus+ network. I actually wish I could say something negative about iBlast Moki, or find some area where I think it needs improvement – but honestly, I think it’s a fantastic game. There are some brilliantly tough levels that will be a formidable challenge to anyone – but at the same time, I think most of the levels provide just the right amount of trial and error challenge that you’ll never feel annoyed by it. Besides, even when the Mokis are falling to their doom, or blasting off in unexpected ways – you’re still having a whole lot of fun – and that’s what it’s all about.


App Summary
Title: iBlast Moki Developer: Godzilab
Price: $0.99 App Size: 9.9 MB
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Great puzzle strategy hybrid
  • Full featured level creator
  • It’s a crying shame you have to blast all those Mokis – I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.


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