Apple Inner Earphones with Mic and Remote – breakage boners


Admittedly, Apple’s new In-ear Harphones are inexpensive in comparison to many other dual-driver models; and especially considering their functionality with the remote and mic, they may be a good deal. But, this white wonder is simply not an engineering marvel. For some, it is the cable which goes first, and for others, the filters get lost or strip the corkscrew. For 80$, they are one of the best options available for a balance of sound and features, but with the failure rate so high, it might be time for Apple to invest in engineers rather than just-graduated metrosexual designers with a penchant for ‘cute’.

Check after the gap for Apple Discussion information.

A cursory glance at Apple’s Discussion forums will reveal an untoward amount of complaints and questions regarding Apple’s failure-friendly earphones.

Apple Discussion Forums: Apple branded iPod accessories

There are many options on the market which cater to the portable audiophile, or are made to last. TMA is continuing to review headphones for your reference; so relax, take a coffee and a good cookie and read our headphone section for news, reviews, and the nitty-gritty rumours.

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  • i like the idea i hope they fix it up.

  • Actually, this is a great price/performance earphone which we will review in the next couple of months, but it does trail behind a few others when concerning build quality, and that is a vital aspect especially when laying down 80$ for an earphone.

  • Damn…. I just realized the pair I bought off eBay for $13 several months ago are indeed fake.

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