Tag Games jacked! Car Jack Streets free for the weekend

Put your 300 pennies away this weekend and spend it on something that will make you look pretty. Tag Games’ hit, Car Jack Streets (CJS) will be free the entire weekend, starting … on the weekend. While the weekend has various connotations depending on your station in life; that is to say, for university students, weekends start after Thursday’s Pub Night is over, and for office workers in Seoul, the weekend is that space between 3am and 6am on Sunday mornings. For the rest of us, let’s just hope that Tag Games are not Korean.

Take a look at TMA’s exhaustive CJS review and then go for it – no harm in downloading a free app! But if you cannot wait, by all means, whip back out your 300 coppers and have at it a bit early.

Tag Games, Car Jack Streets, FREE for the weekend (2.99$ regular price), 106MB
Car Jack Streets

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