Boom Brigade in Review – Trace, Boom, Bang!


The iPhone really is the king of the Pick-Me-Up gaming platform, especially if you just want to knock off a half our or so. Having said that, not many games at the AppStore are even worth losing a half-hour, let alone their asking price. I’m glad to say that today’s app, however, is. So, without further ado, I shall present Boom Brigade by 10tons Ltd.

Boom Brigade is a castle defence/survival type of game, but with Flight Control-like line drawing mechanics thrown in for good measure. The goal is simple:defend the base for as long as possible against an onslaught of hordes of aliens. To do this, you are given up to three units, which you can move around the battlefield. And before you ask, yes, by tracing paths. This seemingly simple gameplay is very well implemented and astoundingly addictive.


Each unit can be one of the following classes Minigun, Shotgun, or Bazooka. Their abilities are relevant to the weapons: Minigun is a good all-round weapon with quick fire, decent range, low damage and average movement speed; the Shotgun is a low range, large splash-damage weapon which moves quickly, and the Bazooka is a long range/big splash damage weapon with slow movement and fire rate. Since you get to choose the type as reinforcements arrive, you can suit the gameplay to your liking


As you play, aliens drop money and health. Health is very important since your units are not immortal and can easily be overwhelmed by the hordes of enemies. But cash is equally important since you can use it to upgrade your units or repair the base. So even in the midst of battle, remember to keep an eye out for the bonuses and incorporate them into your strategy.

The graphics are a very nice type of cartoony. The interface is very responsive and with zero framerate issues so you should have no troubles in enjoying this game. One frustrating thing is that the game does NOT save it’s state on exit, so a freak telephone call can really screw up your long and carefully played out gaming session. Also, there are no online rankings, so no way to brag about your high-scores.


Boom Brigade is a refreshing look at line drawing games. The gameplay is very addictive and easy to pick up. You’ll find yourself back again and again to see how long can you survive the onslaught. This is one of the better casual games out there and even at the price of 1.99$, I would recommend it to anyone.


App Summary
Title: Boom Brigade (v.1.0) Developer: 10tons Ltd.
Price: 1.99$ App Size: 7.4 MB
  • Really nice graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Great new twist on line drawing games
  • No online rankings
  • Doesn’t save game state on exit
  • A little expensive for a casual game


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