Google Street View comes to Canadian iPhones – zip up your flies


Downtown amidst the grind of rush in our country's largest city

The usually staunch and circumspect Canada, has prepared itself for another American invasion. This time, Google are strapping spy cams to the top of cars, taking pics of our maple-loving underbelly for its ChiFFaN-style bid to take over the world. Evidently, Google have filed all the right paperwork, and after consulting the guv regarding privacy concerns, got offered our streets in a typically Canadian rush of hospitality.

The CBC reported you can now peep in on the denizens of the following major Canadian cities: Hamilton, Kitchener, Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Windsor, Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax. B.C. already has its own backyard spatula’d by native Canpages Inc. in March of this year.

Of course, this functionality made its way to the iPhone where you can enjoy Canada’s woolen panties while out and about. For that extra bit of fun, turn on location services in your iPhone or iPod touch and enjoy going to the park from the comfort of your desk.

And without firing a shot, Google have achieved a Carnation Revolution-esque coup as another country’s government tosses aside the bridals of its concerned citizenry who will bare their candids in Google’s ever-pressing advance.

Disclaimer: While this article retains the under-bite of a sadly hopeless, and concerned citizen, it is not meant to inspire political discussion – nope, not at all.

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