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Many Japanese audio companies don’t distribute headphones (let alone other audio equipment) overseas. It is is a flying shame since brilliant products such as the Victor/JVC FX500 can’t be sampled by international buyers unless at extravagant importer prices. The Japanese exporter, Seyo-Shop, manage to supply eager international hands with Japanese headphone gems which otherwise would cost an arm, leg and part of your jaw to buy.

Buying from Seyo has a few strong advantages

  1. selection: there are dozens of domestic releases which cannot be found elsewhere under one roof.
  2. price: Seyo serve up great prices for international buyers: from headphone deals to excellent international shipping rates, they are ahead of the curve.
  3. shipping: Seyo ship via the world’s defacto express postal service, EMS who are unrivalled for cost, speed, and ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of your product.
  4. guarantee: if your product suffers manufacturer’s defect, purchases from Seyo are guaranteed for up to one year.

Look below for some good deals from Seyo Shop.

Audio Technica are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of headphones with some of the highest end full size, portable over-the-ear, and inner ear monitors on the planet. Thanks to Seyo’s deals, they can be had for a song in comparison to many large importers’ prices.



Price: USD $99.48
Shipping: Europe $15 — North America/Oceania $12 — Asia $9


Price: USD $239.17
Shipping: Europe $15 — North America/Oceania $12 — Asia $9

By the way, the CK10 is a true trump card in the world of high-end dual balanced armature earphones. Not only is it extremely small, but well built in high quality rubber and metal with a cable which is stronger than any competing brand. What it lacks is the Westone-grade strain relief; but otherwise, it is simply stunning. Of course, sound quality is up to snuff, and if you can find Victor foamies, the CK10 is one of the most comfortable earphones on the market.

Victor/JVC – While not the headphone mogul that Audio Technica are, Victor/JVC make some of the best-in-class headphones in the world. One is the fabulous DX1000 which competes with Audio Technica’s high-end wood headphones. But today, I will point out the FX500 (TouchMyApps review here), a headphone which has stirred the sub 150$ waters at headfi for over a year.



Price: USD $136.50
Shipping: Europe $15 — North America/Oceania $12 — Asia $9

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