iProd = iRead?


With the recurrent abundance of the Apple tablet rumours in the past few months, few doubt that the mystical product is soon to hit the market. The only thing that is still uncertain is “What the hell will it be EXACTLY?” Well, based on some recent rumours, I have a few thoughts to share.

Just this morning, DIGITIMES reported that Foxconn, the manufacturer of the iPhone and the iPod Touch, have won partnership for shipping the upcoming device. They confirmed our last report that the device is set to ship in Q1 2010 and initial production numbers are rumoured to be in the range of 300k – 400k units. Additionally, the screen has been confirmed to be 10.6 inches and may carry a manufacturing stamp from Innolux Display rather than the heavily rumoured Wintek Corp.

So, basically, this doesn’t look that different from what we heard before. But those same sources hint that the main focus of the iTablet marketing strategy will be on the lucrative and yet selcom-tapped e-book market, with the following key strategy points: “long battery life, quick Internet connectivity and an easy-to-use user interface”. This falls nicely in line with the rumours that Apple is in talks with most major newspapers, magazines and book publishing corporations at the most senior level.

Though it’s still not certain whether the iTablet will feature a full-fledged Mac OS X or the adapted version seen in the iPhone, many indirect reports (i.e. the rumour that the new device powered by a PA Semi-tweaked ARM processor) point to the latter.

Apple are known for taking a common concept (Tablet PCs have been available for years) and twisting in new and unique ways. As it seems, the purpose of the iPros, iPad, iRead or how else it is going to be called, will be to replace 99% of media we use in our daily life. This includes books, magazines, PC for the internet, and low-intensity applications. And, keeping in mind some recent patents, e.g. the latest multi-touch tablet interface, we can probably expect another revolution in the way we perceive the common day-to-day activities.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting save my pennies.

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