eWallet – Secure Password Manager in Review : Your secrets are safe with me

eWallet_listWay before the iPhone, I had the misfortune of owning a *censored* WM PocketPC. I shudder when I remember the problems I had using it and luckily (probably) it was stolen only about a year after buying it. One thing I was sure about was that all my private info was safe since I used eWallet (yep, this app has been around for awhile) to store it. After getting my iPhone, I immediately started browsing the App Store for a PIM application and was relieved to find that my good old friend, eWallet has been resurrected for hallowed use on the Jesus Phone.

There are a multitude of PIM (Personal Information Manager) applications on the App Store which vary from the simple (and inexpensive): pmg PassCode, – to the really heavy duty (and costly) ones like eWallet. With this in mind, I will show what eWallet is capable of and let you decide which would be the choice for you.

eWallet_passThe main purpose of a PIM app is to provide you with a handy and secure way to store various personal data, ranging from credit card info to clothes sizes and passport information. Unfortunately, not all apps provide easy ways to do this. eWallet does. You can draw upon a vast number of template presets ranging from bank account info and id cards, to prescriptions and picture cards to store your data. For the adventurous, you can even create your own custom templates. If you find that the default templates suit you well but you need to add that one additional little bit of data, you don’t have to edit the template. Rather, you can simply use one of the additional 10 Detail fields to store that extra data. You can also change this particular field type for to one of the following: Text, Hidden (Password), Web Link, eMail, Phone Number, Numeric or Date. You could also use the Notes tab for that entry as well.

eWallet_folder eWallet_edit

One other point in which eWallet excels is entry organisation. You can have an unlimited number of folders and sub-folders in which to organise your data. Each folder is assigned an icon for easy distinction as well as a default template for creating a new entry. If you want to keep your data separate, you can also create an unlimited number of wallets to organize your entries in. Each will have a separate password and separate synchronization.

eWallet_creditSpeaking of syncing – what PIM would really be complete without one… Actually, PMG passcode is currently missing the feature, but besides being priced a one tenth the value of eWallet, the developers promised that it will be added in an update. Barring one, eWallet has no such issue: in order for sync to work, you have to own the desktop version of eWallet. The good news is that Ilium Software have a special discounted price of the desktop application for $9.99 for iPhone eWallet users. Even better, it works flawlessly. You just have to set it up correctly and connect your iPhone and desktop to the same WiFi network.

eWallet_desktopVisually, eWallet is great. While it misses the flashy interface of some of the other contenders on the market, it appeals to more serious users. As I noted earlier, all categories and entries are assigned an icon for easy distinction. The entry presentation is also great, you can view it both in face view (where you can see your credit card almost as it looks in real life) and in table view. And for the face view, you can either use one the default backgrounds, or add your own!

eWallet_wsettNeedless to say, if you need a robust, beautiful, easy-to-use, and full-featured PIM for your iPhone, then eWallet is THE choice for you. There is no need to mention such included features as 256bit AES encryption or entry searching when writing about such a product: it has it all. With the vast preset template database and the great entry organizing capabilities, I would recommend eWallet to anyone who is in need of a PIM application. The only thing I could wish for would be Safari Auto-complete integration, which unfortunately is not possible at the moment. With this I declare eWallet officially touched and seal it with a “Kiss”!


App Summary
Title: eWallet-Secure Password Manager (v6.2) Developer: Ilium Software
Price: $9.99 App Size: 1.8 MB
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Exceptional number and quality of preset templates
  • Customizable templates AND entry field
  • Solid synchronization
  • Easy to use interface
  • Versatile search
  • Desktop app is purchased extra
  • No Safari Auto-Complete integration


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