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Kayac, the legendary developer of GravSynth, have a unique app up their sleeves called IdeaPod which attempts to separate your thoughts into organised problem-solving methods. IdeaPod stands upon the ideas of TRIZ and attacks problems systematically and is a great enhancement tool for brainstorming.

There isn’t much to learn. IdeaPod is direly simple, allowing you to tackle conventions rather having to learn new GUI and interface methods. If your finger is deft enough to swipe and tap, you can handle IdeaPod.

Ideas cards can be passed left and right, shuffled, and thrown away if unneeded. If you shake the device, the card ring advances one space to the right; pushing the card to the top deletes it from the stack; and nudging to the left or right reveals the next card in either direction. The shuffle button mixes things up. Other than that, the only other control changes the language.

So, what is there to review? Well, firstly, IdeaPod has a few problems which mostly stem translating the app’s database into English. Illustrations help make the most difficult-to-understand cards accessible, but there is the odd one which still eludes comprehension. Kayac might have forgone an English version of the app, favouring only their larger Japanese audience. Fortunately, they did not, but some difficult to understand cards simply won’t click a light on in your head.

Review-Edu-IdeaPod-IMG_0617 Review-Edu-IdeaPod-IMG_0616

How you use IdeaPod is up to you. I won’t divulge too many personal details, but it has helped me in an ongoing project that I am working on and I expect it to remain in a position of strategy throughout my progress. Unlike other apps: reference, productivity, business, etc., IdeaPod will perform at your own level of dedication; effort that you put into your project will be paid back.

It is surprising to note that even the simplest of ideas can transform many aspects of your life, even your breakfast (take a look above). Aside from that, there is little else to say. There are no sounds and very little else besides what you see above. You cannot rotate the screen, nor email any content. IdeaPod is a very simple tool which can help you think through projects. The pictures are either cute or hard to understand, but the core of the app is utilitarian: simple methods are paired down to help you suss out your own.

Is IdeaPod worth 2.99$? Yes – if you use it, but this app is not a toy, and unlike a game, isn’t meant to be played till beaten. But let’s play a game shall we? If IdeaPod helps your own projects or project, tell me what it is in the space below. I will do the same. In the meantime, it’s back to project for me!


App Summary
Title: IdeaPod (v1.0) Developer: Kayac
Price: $2.99 App Size: 1.7 MB
  • Simple to use
  • Japanese and English
  • Easy flick and shake responses
  • Helpful when brainstorming
  • Sometimes the English isn’t succinct enough to explain the artsy drawings


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