Food Network – recipes for the small screen

iPhone apps are great, but sometimes, can’t capture the simplicity of a good, layered website. The Food Network’s iPhone page is gloriously simple, harkening to the frivolous days of point and click, all the while, supplying hungry users a simple, regimented dinner plan.

Whereas the App Store is a great venue for high-quality native usability, the web is the overarching infrastructure which is available to every computer and internet-capable handheld device. More and more websites are catching on to the fact that the internet is going mobile, transforming itself from the desk to the train, the street, and even the car. At your finger tips are 30 000 recipes which can be searched in a variety of ways.

The Food Network’s iPhone webpage is one of the best: even from a computer, it makes navigation easy. In fact, the iPhone is a great showcase for the simplicity of what Web 2.0 can be. No need for tiny blue links, frames, navigation bars: simplicity will rule in the coming years and mobiles like the iPhone will deliver it to the rest of the internet. While the Web-based apps drew scorn at the iPhone’s launch, they may well be the harbinger of Web 2.0.

Meanwhile, it’s time to shop for potatoes.

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