Xewton Music Studio in Review – GarageBand On Your iDevice

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Oh, how far we’ve come. It seems just like yesterday (maybe because it was yesterday), that I asked myself if GarageBand, or at least some form of it, would make its way onto the iDevice. Well, my friends, there is in-fact an app for that, and it goes by the name of Xewton Music Studio.

Xewton Music Studio is so beautiful that words cannot describe it. I have come across several fantastic music applications for the iDevice – including Guitarist, iShred, and Piano Studio. Xewton Music Studio is all of these instruments, plus another 19, wrapped up into 93.8 MB of software goodness.

Want the full list?

Grand piano, electric piano, drawbar organ, church organ, brass section, clarinet, concert flute, pan flute, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, electric bass, 3 electric guitars (clean, overdrive, and power chords), 3 synths (lead, bass, pad), and lastly a drum kit.

That’s quite a boatload of instruments to sink your teeth into, each of which is transferred onto an 85-key keyboard and can be tweaked to your liking using a variety of options such as: adjusting volume, attack (fade-in time), release (fade-out time), and effects like reverb, delay, and overdrive. Two instruments can simultaneously be played in two keyboard rows and you can scroll and resize the keyboard by tapping the mini keyboard button (second to last button) in the keyboard tab.

I’ll put it this way, if there’s a specific type of sound you’re looking for – you’ll be be able to find it using Xewton Music Studio.


This music-production-work-of-art application is broken up into 7 tabs: keyboard, instruments, tracks, effects, projects, setup, and lastly help. since this app is incredibly in-depth, the help tab is beneficial to all newcomers of Xewton Music Studio. There’s a slight learning curve for those who are not accustomed to programs such as GarageBand. But that shouldn’t dissuade you because the help tab breaks down the application completely into categories with instructions on how to take advantage of everything there is in the app.

Under the projects tab, you manage all your recordings and can upload them onto your PC/Mac via WiFi. Xewton Music Studio comes preloaded with 7 demo songs to get you into production mode by prepping you with 1:48 minutes of techno music that was created using Xewton. Xewton Music Studio is capable of handling almost any genre you throw at it, thanks to the 21 instruments and wide array of effects.


What truly sets Xewton Music Studio apart and elevates it into the GarageBand territory is the 128-track sequencer and note editor. The track sequencer is exactly how you’d see it on GarageBand for the Mac. The instruments are on the left side and the notes come right after it. To add an instrument to the track sequencer, just hit the + symbol under the last instrument you added. Then, from the keyboard, you can play and record music which will show up on the track sequencer where you can professionally edit it. The track sequencer is “where the magic happens” and you’re able to create complex compositions without breaking a sweat, or any fingers, for that matter. You can copy and paste notes and apply them to any instrument (which makes it so much easier than having to replay the same notes for each instrument). By hitting the metronome settings button from within the tracks tab, you can set the key signature, tempo (beats per measure), metronome style, as well as the precount. To activate the metronome while playing on the keyboard, just tap the metronome button while in the keyboard tab.


As I mentioned before, there is also a notes editor which makes precise note playing possible. Instead of scrolling through the keyboard to find a specific note to play, just go to the note editor from the tracks tab (indicated by a pencil on track sequencer button). From here, you can pretty much draw notes and edit their length by tapping the pencil-on-note-editor button. If you make a mistake, just hit the green arrow button which is located next to the resize button. It undoes as many mistakes you make, whether it be 1 or 50,000, but if you fouled up that badly, this probably isn’t the app for you.


Xewton Music Studio is a fine example of an application that works well on the iDevice thanks to its intuitive touchscreen. Everything perfectly executed, the epitome/prime example of the possibilities on the App Store. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it 1,000 times: if you’re a striving musician/music composer or just an average Joe who just wants to show off the capabilities of the iDevice, then you can’t go wrong with Xewton Music Studio. The only minor setback is that its $19.99 price, but heck, you get what you friggin pay for. This app is worth it its weight in code: it’s just that good.

If anything, my only suggestion for the genius developer, Alexander Gross, whom I can’t thank enough for developing this miniature GarageBand, is to add more demo songs in an update and MIDI export. But, as seeing he’s already on the works of implementing these in an update – there’s nothing more I can suggest.

Thus, with applause in a circle formation, and a tear running down my left cheek, I award Xewton Music Studio the most prestigious rating at TouchMyApps – Kiss It.


App Summary
Title: Xewton Music Studio (v. 1.0.1) Developer: Alexander Gross
Price: $19.99 App Size: 93.8 MB
  • 21 instruments
  • Track sequencer and note editor
  • Several effects and options
  • Export songs via WiFi
  • Simply amazing
  • Great UI
  • It’s GarageBand for the iDevice!!
  • Learning curve


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