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Another music related game has gone free for the weekend. First it was MEVO & The Grooveriders, a fun rhythm platformer brought to you by Red Rocket Games . Now Radio Flare, the only musical shooter for the iDevice also becomes a free download (this weekend only) to celebrate the announcement of its sequel, Radio Flare Redux. Set to be published by Chillingo, Radio Flare Redux builds upon the core of its predecessor and will feature even better graphics and visual effects to the music and sound. If you have yet to try this unique shooter, now would be a great time to check it out and see what can be expected from the upcoming release. More info and a teaser trailer can be found below the break.

In other news today, Pinch n Pop!, one of the earlier App Store hits, can also be picked up for free this weekend (to celebrate its 1 year anniversary)

studio radiosolaris, Radio Flare, FREE, 17.3 MB
Radio Flare


Chillingo and studio radiolaris unveil Radio Flare Redux for iPhone and iPod touch

Music Shoot-‘Em-Up Breaks the Sound Barrier with Revolutionary Audio, Visuals and Gameplay

United Kingdom and Austria – October 2, 2009 – iPhone game publisher Chillingo and Austrian gaming company studio radiolaris have announced Radio Flare Redux, the sequel to IndieCade and IGF finalist game Radio Flare.

Radio Flare Redux is a revolutionary game that allows players to experience music in a new way. Although its core gameplay resembles a side-scrolling shoot-‘em-up, the game breaks new ground with each level focusing upon a different song. Enemies pulse in rhythm, shoot in rhythm, move in rhythm, and are part of the music itself. Radio Flare Redux distills the core gameplay of Radio Flare to a whole new experience. From the graphics and visual effects to the music and sound, the game brings a fresh new style to the iPhone.

“It will be great to have multiple licensed music tracks in Radio Flare Redux. This way each level will be a unique experience.” says Fares Kayali, Sound Designer at studio radiolaris. Adds Martin Pichlmair, Lead Designer for Radio Flare Redux, “Everything is driven by rhythm and beat – from the enemies’ paths to their actions and even the background graphics!”

Radio Flare Redux’s audio experience is just as intense as the visual experience,” promised Johnny Coghlan, Head of Publishing for Chillingo. “This game truly innovates to offer unprecedented quality and enjoyment for music game fans.”

The original Radio Flare is a finalist in the IndieCade 2009: The International Festival of Independent Games alongside fellow iPhone games Eliss and Ruben & Lullaby. IndieCade is one of the most important independent games festivals and held in Culver City from October 1st to 4th.

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