Moonlights in Review – The game that brings out the beast in you… Not!

moonlights-review-mainYou know, sometimes the plethora of complex adventure and/or mindless action games really get to me. And these are the times I really strive for something more calm and relaxing. These are the games that sooth your mind, allow you to get your thoughts in order and at the same time provide enough challenge to keep you focused. One of such games is Moonlights, a game about a raving werewolf, calmly devouring everyone and everything it encounters… Just kidding!

Actually, Moonlights is rather similar to the the recent PC hit, World of Goo. The objective of the game is extremely straightforward. You have to build up your tower to keep a part of it in the moonlight for at least 3 seconds and you are then judged depending on how many moves you spent to achieve this goal. Sounds simple, right?

moonlights-review1Well, it is at first. The tower is made up of nodes connected by tangents. To add a new node, it must be supported on two pre-existing ones. The tangents have both limited length and strength and completely adhere to the laws of physics. So, looking at the first level it seems remarkably easy. And then the fun starts. First of all, there’s gravity, controlled by the tilting (!) of the “Jesus” phone; second, there may be a number of objects on the level that alter the behaviour of the nodes in one fashion or another.

An example of such would be the green floor or moon that causes any nodes that touch it to become permanently stuck to it’s surface. Red, on the other hand, (also called “volcanic”) destroy any nodes that come into contact with them. Then there are the clouds, which cause any nodes inside of them to float up (provided they are not anchored by anything outside the cloud). The bubble is similar and can be thought of as a really small movable cloud.

moonlights-review4As well, some levels contain stars, all of which have to be collected before moving on to the next level. Others have only a limited number of nodes, thereby forcing you to make use of your resources more wisely. It seems uncanny how the developers have taken such a simple concept and by simply integrating some minor twists,  they have made Moonlights into a brain-twisting but relaxing puzzler.

moonlights-review6The interface is sleek and very easy to use. You tap once to place the node, drag to delete or preview-place the node (switchable) and use two fingers to scroll or zoom the level. The graphics are great and completely in style of the game. The music is very relaxing and zen-like. Performance wise the game runs perfectly on my iPhone 3G.

Moonlights is one of the most relaxing  titles I’ve ever laid my hands on. The pace of the game, the level design and complexity coupled with the music bring an experience to the iDevice that few games could rival. The sheer amount of levels (the latest update brought the number up to 91) and the vast number of game-altering objects make sure you return again and again to bathe in the experience provided by Moonlights.

With this I pronounce Moonlights officially touched.

Note: The developers (BonusLevel) have created a free flash based version of Moonlights that even includes a level editor. Play it here to see why this puzzler is both addictive and fun.


App Summary
Title: Moonlights (v1.1) Developer:
Price: $1.99 App Size: 8.4 mb
  • Unique experience
  • Excellent controls
  • Nicely tuned level progression
  • Vast amount of levels and objects
  • The ultimate zen-experience
  • None I can think of :-) Really!


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