Dan Deadman vs. Hangman in Review – just a little off the top


No reason to be terse about ideas2mobile‘s new app: Dan Deadman vs. Hangman, is simply a bust-up, cute, yet subtly dark and violent word game. Yes, you heard right: a violent word game. Dan Deadman is the cute — if I may apply cute to violent and gruesome death — version of that ironic kid’s game: hangman. But, this time, it is dressed up with flashy vector graphics which bloodily cover up a wealth of information.

What was I getting myself into? My guessing vocab is rubbish; word games always stump me, and I suck at guessing games. Dan Deadman promises an electrifying experience for the bad speller, the idiot, and those who cannot find the right word. For all others, it is a gripping experience – at least the first few times.

Just like hangman, you will get a limited number of tries to spell a word which starts out as gaps where letters should go. For instance, the word could be ‘hangman’ and would look like this: _ _ _ _ _ _ _. To guess, just tap a letter at the bottom which you reckon fits into the word. If you are right, it replaces one of the gaps. If not, Dan gets one step closer to death. As always, starting with vowels is a smart move which will make guessing the other letters easier.


Thought I had this one...

According to ideas2mobile, there are about 2000 words to suss out in 4 languages: Spanish, French, German, and American. Add to that eight categories, and you have a load of chances to die whilst receiving the sort of education your parents dread for their kids. Speaking of which, the scenarios are: electric chair (cue Metallica’s Ride the Lightning), or chopping block (cue MxPx’s Chop Chop). Access to any setting is done via the sprocket icon.

You can also play against another player in the most sinister of scenarios: you choose the word for your partner to spell. No hints, no rules – just mayhem.


What fans are hoping for — yes, I am a fan — are more death scenarios. The reason? It is simply devastatingly funny watching the hapless Dan face death as you miss-suss out names, places, heroes; I normally wouldn’t say this, but execution has never been so much fun! For the squeamish, there is a helpful hint mode – with over 2000 answers, chances are that your brain cannot wrap around every combination. But, invoking a hint cuts the game short: if you have even the faintest hint of how to spell, it may be hard to lose, and thus, hard to see the gory finishing sequence.


bastard thought he could fool me

For 99 cents, Dan Deadman delivers a cuttingly excellent spelling rampage. Learn place names, celebrities, and even brush up on a few European languages. But, nothing in this game compares with the excellent vector graphics which simply dazzle. Hapless Dan is almost cute in his innocent plodding towards the chopping block. Sinister spelling. Deathly definitions. Lose-one’s-life-phonics – while I cannot put words to what a great twist on the classic kids game Dan Deadman is, I will leave you to shed a dollar from your pocketbook to find out. And of course, I look forward to more ways to die.


App Summary
Title: Dan Deadman vs. Hangman(V 1.1) Developer: ideas2mobile
Price: $0.99 App Size: 4.9 MB
  • Great graphics
  • Sadistic fun
  • Lots ‘o categories
  • Price is right
  • imaginative death scenes
  • loads of words to suss out
  • 2 player mode is killer
  • Give us more scenarios


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