Come Ride “On a Boat” with I Am T-Pain App + Contest

I Am T-Pain, one of the coolest and most hyped apps in the entertainment world of late, has finally released the incredibly popular (not to mention hilarious and catchy) “I’m on a boat” song as an in-app download.  To celebrate this occasion, Smule is kicking off the “I’m On a Boat” contest, offering up some pretty wicked prizes:

  • $500.00 to each of the top ten finalists
  • Grillz, modeled after T-Pain’s own grillz, to each of the top ten finalists
  • $5,000.00 and a Big Ass Chain ($47 value, approximate weight of 10 lbs) to the top finalist
  • Internet fame and glory

To enter this contest, it’s as easy as submitting a Youtube video of yourself performing “I’m on a boat” while using Smule’s I Am T-Pain app. Creativity, humor and view counts on Youtube will all play a role in searching for the next Autotune superstar. The other great news is that the app is on sale ($0.99) until Saturday evening. So what are you waiting for? Grab it now and make Adam Sandberg proud! More contest details can be found after the break.

Smule, I Am T-Pain, $0.99, 2.6 MB
I Am T-Pain

Press Release

Like the “This Contest Blows” contest celebrating user performances on the Ocarina, we expect nothing less than eccentricity bordering on creativity from our users:

Aspiring rappers should submit their video performances on YouTube. T-Pain and Smule will search for the best videos featuring I Am T-Pain. Using a proprietary T-Pain induced Smulean algorithm which combines views, ratings, suggestion of some musical talent, and lyrical inspiration, each week for the next ten weeks a finalist will be selected and announced, culminating in the announcement of the grand prize winner of the Big Ass Chain (a $47 value) on December 15th. If you think you’ve got what it takes, journalists and bloggers are welcome to participate. Contest details here:

Check back to the contest site, watch your Twitter feeds, and tune into weekly live broadcasts with “The Artist Formerly Known as The Mule” ( every Monday at 7:00 pm PDT to see the winners announced live. Additional blinged out prizes, including autographed items, will be distributed throughout the contest.

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