DigiMagic in Review – the magical Morpheus club


You could eat yoghurt with a spork, or cut butter with the combination of a hairdryer and your index finger. While not optimal for the given job, they cut down the need for superfluous instruments. DigiMagic is a fun app that like the butter knife, has a very specific role which it does very well. What is that role you ask? Read on my weary traveller…

There is no way to butter it up; for 99 cents, you get a magical overlord who will suss out that one number in your head. Is it magic? Is it maths? Not sure just yet, but I will tell you as much as this humble mind can finger out (get it? finger is sometimes referred to as digit… get it? did you laugh? is it getting awkward now?).

Digimagic had me from the welcome screen; which for all intensive purposes will substitute for ‘hello’ to coherently complete the cliché for this iPhone grubbing audience. The reason is simple, pseudo classical stringed background music magically melds into a well-mixed pseudo trance track. For a simple number guessing app, bbigg have put in a lot of work. Aside from excellent music, DigiMagic looks great and has a decent interface. There are 3D effects galore that surprisingly, will warm up your iDevice to prove that the app does more than just guess numbers, it crunches them.


Then the fun begins. Be prepared though: DigiMagic has only one purpose: to prove that it can guess any number from 1-50.

In 1999, Morpheus’ voice and warbled glasses contorted a simple decision — the choice between the red or the blue pill — into a larger-than-life drama which spawned two horrid sequels. Digimagic’s iconic wizard, Zaedyn, is all the badass that Morpheus is/was with a dose of Darth Vader thrown in for good measure. He will guess the number you are holding in your mind and warn you not to tell anyone. The truth is — as my brilliant mind has sussed out — that Zaedyn is just a computer programme. bbigg have done an excellent job with voice – if anything, Zaedyn, the Morpheus Vader soundalike makes this app.

There are a couple of stipulations in order for DigiMagic to work correctly: firstly, read the instructions; and secondly, carefully scan all the numbers in the grid. If you don’t, you can force errors. Assuming you don’t, Zaedyn will run through about 6 screens with seemingly random numbers. Each time, he? will ask you if you see the number on the board. Simply press ‘yes’ if you do, and ‘no’ if you don’t. After that magic has been done, Zaedyn will do dark things to suss out your number.


While the app isn’t sensitive to touch input outside of the YES/NO buttons, it would ruin the ‘magic’ effect if accidentally brushed the number in your head. Looking back, I can honestly say that I don’t believe in magic, yet. Digimagic runs through the process of elimination. I will admit, that for parties and social gathering which involve a goodly amount of liquid, this is fun and those around you whose sussing powers have been diminished by Becks, Jinro, or Stelle, will likely giggle and puff their faces out, hoping to beat Zaedyn.

Chances are that if Zaedyn cannot locate the correct number, a spanner has been thrown into the works. Perhaps an oblong glass spanner which lies empty on the soaked sock-smelling floor of a party. While I cannot be sure that I was not to blame, Zaedyn did have trouble with the number 13 once. In which case, Digimagic chastises you for not checking the screen carefully enough. There, you and he can duke it out; he reckoning that you are wrong, and you insisting that he is a phony. Meanwhile, your iDevice will heat up in the forced endless loop. Yes, our spat crashed the app.


I swear, it wasn't my number...

DigiMagic is on sale for 99 cents which is a great place for it to stay. Navigation is great. The music rocks, and Morpheus is a great proponent for a magic show. I did not expect a trick app to be laid out so well including the subtle ethereal magical effects. But, as much fun as it is at a party for a few minutes, DigiMagic is just a number-guessing app. Like the butter knife, it does its job well, but it really has no other purpose. If you are a party fan and have a few mates who need a trick, DigiMagic will do the job. But DigiMagic needs to cool down its radiator effects on the iDevice and give users another out if an error (human or otherwise) is forced. Endless loop/radiator cycles get hotly annoying.


App Summary
Title: DigiMagic (V 1.0) Developer: bbigg Applications
Price: $0.99 (limited time sale) App Size: 64,3 MB
  • Great interface
  • Good visual effects
  • Great Voice overs
  • Music Rocks
  • Makes you the life of a drunken party
  • Morpheus meets Darth Vader
  • Heats up the iDevice
  • Zaedyn won’t admit to being wrong sometimes
  • App may crash on human error
  • Certain parts don’t respond to normal photo taking methods


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