Cannons in Review – A Real Blast!

Review-Game-cannons-01I’ve spoken before of my love for puzzle games. I think they are great time-killers and when well-designed, can be loads of fun. Recently, I’ve been pretty lucky finding great titles like GreenFingers, Cubit and Electric Box. Today I was able to get my hands on the latest game from Readdle, Cannons. At its base it’s not a new game concept, but the way they’ve designed and executed it definitely sets it apart.

Vibrant colours and amazing imagery greet you from the very first screen. Though pirate themes can easily become cheesy, Readdle’s team pulls off the perfect combination of swashbuckling elements.


When you first create your profile, you have the option of choosing to be a male or female pirate. It’d be nice to be able to design your own or at least have a few more options to choose from, but that isn’t so important to the game. Plus, you get to be pirate. Arrrrgggg!

Review-Game-cannons-04You have a board full of mixed up pieces of fuses which you must connect from the left side of the board to as many cannons as you can on the right. You get bonuses for connecting more than one at a time and at the end of a round, if you’ve done well enough, you can redeem bonus points to upgrade your cannons. Doing so gets you a more powerful cannon which will deliver even more points in the future.

There are 2 different game play options available: quick play and story mode. As usual quick play throws you into the game once you have chosen from 3 game styles: Classic, Arcade and Strategy. The differences being that in classic mode, Cannons is all about achieving a high score. Arcade is a more fast paced version of the game and the strategy mode of play is all about well…strategy. You have only so many fuses and have to make the most of them to achieve the best score you can.


When you are ready to really get into the game there’s story mode. Here you play through different levels all centered around an amusing storyline. You are searching for 4 pieces of a treasure map hidden throughout the archipelago. At the same time, there are enemy captains looking for you – it’s actually quite addicting. Seeing who you run into next or when you are going to get the next piece of your map is great fun, though nerving.

In the end this is one of those games where the k.i.s.s. rule reigns supreme. Nothing about the game is unnecessarily complicated. The premise is simple, the design is amazing and I personally would have it no other way. I would recommend this game to anyone who like me, is a fan of puzzle games.


App Summary
Title:Cannons (Version 1.1)Developer:Readdle
Price:$0.99App Size:17.4MB
  • Amazing graphics
  • Addictive game play
  • Fun story line
  • Online high scores/leader board
  • Not enough profile customization


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