Snow Leopard maims MacBook batteries


Snow Leopard has outted at least one problem in Apple’s notebook line: failing optical drives. While not explicitly the fault of the OS, Snow Leopard, generally installed by optical disk, forced users to use their dusty drives only to find out that the hardware is bum. Sadly, upon attempting to upgrade to Apple’s latest, the world’s most advanced operating system (sic) proves that Apple need to spend more time developing reliable hardware, not this fritzy fluff. Now, the selfsame OS has another ticket with Apple Support: failing batteries. This time, however, it seems the OS may be at least partially to blame.

At Apple’s Discussions forum, battery issues have plagued users since early September and in the short space of one month, have erupted into a 20-page thread fraught with complaints that the new OS has either damaged their MacBooks, batteries, or somehow adjusted firmware settings.

The below quote by user dselph points to a troublesome problem: backups of the old OS, too are broken.

Update on my situation: I restored my pre-SL backup (10.5.7). While my batter/MBP were behaving normally prior to SL installation, the machine now shuts down without warning at 61% under 10.5.7. Here’s my question: Does the SL install update firmware on the MBP? If so, the downgrade I performed would not have completely restored my system to its state prior to installing SL.

Some have suggested re-calibrating the battery while other have obtained replacements from Apple. However, the problem hasn’t been resolved. The fact is though, that 90% of the complaints come from users who have upgraded to Leopard; in this case, the OS isn’t outting a problem, it may be the root of massive battery failures. For users whose original 3 year Apple Care has run out, a simple upgrade to Snow Leopard may have killed their laptop for portable use. The thread continues to grow while Apple remains mum about the issue.

Unfortunately, my MacBook too has suffered a second battery problem, but my OS is LeopardAll told,  this household’s MacBooks have seen the inside of an Apple Store or authorised repair service 7 times – an unacceptable number by any count.  Between optical disk failures and now battery problems, Apple’s laptop line is losing face even when compared with the ugly ducklings of the PC world.

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