Sigh… Another iTunes wannabe

rollDevice You know, some companies are really starting to tire me. Remember the classic 1984 Apple commercial where the athletic blonde destroyed Big Brother? Well, if some you don’t (like me, since I was only BORN in 1984) then take a look below. This was the prolific ad, that debuted the Macintosh computer into our world and forever changed our lives (well, at least some of our lives).

Why am I bringing it out now? Well, take a look for yourself at the latest viral ad from doubleTwist. What is “doubleTwist”? According to the source, it’s the answer to all our prayers… that is if you own the Palm Pre and really want to use iTunes even after Apple once again gave Palm the hand.

Basically what they’re trying to do is to make an iTunes for every single device, a task which is both impossible and kind of silly if you ask me. But anyway, according to doubleTwist:

We started doubleTwist because we were disappointed by the quality of software applications offered by the major device manufacturers.

Our vision is simple: to create a unifying media platform that connects consumers with all their media and all their devices, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

We feel that just like you don’t use a different browser for every web site you visit (Firefox to read the NY Times, IE to stream Hulu, Chrome to browse YouTube, etc) you shouldn’t have to use iTunes for Apple products, Nokia software for Nokia phones, Sony software for Sony products, etc. The typical household today has many such devices and there is a need for a simple and powerful software that connects them.

The supported devices list does warrant some respect: ranging from Blackberry and Palm Pre to Nokia and Windows smartphones and digital cameras, it is impressive. You can check out the full list here. But if we look at Apple devices, oops:

  • iPhone with 2.0 firmware – load your iPhone with movies and let doubleTwist make the necessary conversions; iTunes playlists are also supported (PC only but Mac coming soon, 3.0 firmware not supported yet)
  • iPod – load your iPod with movies and let doubleTwist make the necessary conversions; iTunes playlists are also supported (PC only but Mac coming soon)

My question, and probably everyone else’s will be – why the hell would I need support for an outdated firmware with NO AppStore? And the other device’s options are similary limited. So, for now, I would say that this is more of a community outcry than a serious competition to iTunes. I will give them credit for one thing:they agree with me that Apple really are TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

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