Blades of Fury in Review – Soul Blades of Awesomeness


Another day, another Gameloft game release. The game company has come a long way with much success. My thumbs are blistered and my wrists bloodless and the culprit is one of Gameloft’s excellent games. The latest bloodletting addition to Gameloft’s pantheon of time consuming games is Blades of Fury.

Review-Game-BofFury-b2 Blades of Fury, or as I like to call it, “Gameloft’s Rendition Of One Of My Favorite Games Of All Time AKA Soul Calibur, or GROOOMFGATASC for short”, tells the story of mystical armor that makes its wearer invincible. This stronger-than-a-bulletproof-vest-on-steroids hunk of metal has caught the attention of a small group of talented individuals who hope to claim it for specific purposes such as revenge, or to prove that they can be invincible.



In total, there are 10 characters, most of whom are doppelgängers from the Soul Calibur franchise . Each character comes with two costumes, but an extra costume is unlocked once you complete the character’s story. In short, the 3D visuals are breathtakingly detailed; even the stages areas have unique designs and animated backgrounds.


Bad-ass Faust costume? Check!

Blades of Fury is yet another game Gameloft has nailed the controls on. There are two schemes in Blades of Fury. The first control scheme uses a virtual d-pad to control the character and action buttons. The other control scheme uses a joystick to control the character, and swipe motions to attack. While I didn’t find this method as effective, it demonstrates Gameloft’s dedicated creativity in giving users optional control schemes for their games.

The amount of magic you have is depicted in a blue bar near the top of the screen, and the health bar is above it. Magic will automatically replenish throughout battles and can be combined with regular horizontal or vertical attacks along with its own standalone attack. Once the magic bar is maxed out, hold the magic button and your character will emit a glow and lightning will shoot out of his/ her body. While this sounds painful for the character, its even more painful for the victim. A full-blown magic attack can easily knock off a fourth of the opponent’s health bar, so it’s essential to conserve magic for that perfect moment. Each character has 20 attacks and combos, so there is some variation to the types of attacks that can administered to the opponent. Moves include grab attacks, dodge attacks, counters, jumps, and rolls, so some strategy can be implemented.

Review-Game-BofFury-b5 There are four different game modes to play around with. The first being the story mode, which is rather lackluster. It consists of characters dissing each other before each match (e.g. “Give me the armor or I’ll kill you!”, and, ‘No, you die first!’), where the plot is told through text-scrolling screens. Despite a dull storyline, and annoying voice-overs, it’s still impressive how all the characters’ stories end up coming together. The story spans out over 10 battles, ending with either a face-off with Faust or Diablo.The next mode is arcade mode which is like story mode, minus the story and which is focused on obtaining the highest amount of points. In survival mode, you beat enemies for as long as you can without losing a match. Lastly, practice mode lets you choose a specific stage and character to verse to test out combos and attack. After a mode is chosen, there are a few options before you start. They include: setting the battle count, battle time, and the difficulty. As you increase the difficulty, the AI gets smarter, spammier, and more tactical (let alone knows how to perfectly execute a combo every time). Fortunately, for those fine beat-em’-up combos, Gameloft included in the game is the ability to save replays of a match.


Trophies, aka achievements (hooray for achievements!) are awarded when you accomplish certain tasks like beating story mode with only one character. Gameloft LIVE was actually implemented into Blades of Fury, but unfortunately it never logs me in – or anybody else for that matter. My only other minor gripes are that Bluetooth multiplayer appears to be broken (though multiplayer via WiFi works great), and the play list option (being able to play your own music) is a bit buggy (sound effects were sometimes turned off when playing songs). Overall, my gripes are only technical.

Review-Game-BofFury-b7 Blades of Fury is yet another successful game from Gameloft that doesn’t disappoint. The graphics are great and the game-play is fun. Add multiplayer, and hell, things heat up very nicely. Once the technical issues are addressed in an update (hopefully), Blades of Fury will be near perfect.

Hence, I award Blades of Fury the ferocious but subtle rating of Grab It.


App Summary
Title: Blades of Fury (v. 1.0.6) Developer: Gameloft
Price: $6.99 App Size: 126 MB
  • Gorgeous graphics and arenas
  • Ability to play your own music
  • 10 different characters and stories
  • 2 control schemes
  • Multiplayer via WiFi
  • Trophies
  • Ability to save replays
  • Gameloft LIVE doesn’t work
  • Bluetooth multiplayer is broken
  • music playlist feature is buggy


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