Sushi Mayhem in Review – Fresh Concept, Raw Gameplay


It’s hard to argue that the match-3 genre of games isn’t popular in the App-Store, but it’s true that it’s increasingly difficult to create a good match-3 game. There are so many titles available at the moment that, to the casual player, it’s very tough to find something just right to play. As a match-3 maniac gamer, I’ve played quite a few of the big titles (Bejeweled 2, Treasures of Montezuma, The Rise of Atlantis, just to name a few) and it’s easy to see how some people might get lost in the seemingly endless gameplay.

However, these titles are mainly popular due to the fact that they’re ported from their original versions. Newer developers for the App Store are very aware that in order to be successful there must be some sort of unique concept in the game-play to keep people interested.
Now, being the self-acclaimed match-3 maniac that I am, I had to give Brain Stain Entertainment’s new game, Sushi Mayhem, a try because of their unique concept. Rather than pure match-3 play, they added some spice (and lots of fish) and created a time management type puzzle game.


So your old man gramps is retiring from his world famous sushi restaurant, but he doesn’t trust you in taking over the business yet. What happens next? Well, you’re going to learn how to make world famous sushi so you’ll be able to take over the restaurant. And Grampa’s training method is to simply throw all the ingredients at you and let you serve the customers.

Sushi Mayhem is quite easy to learn. If you’ve never played a match-3 type game before, then you’ve most likely been living under a rock. Anyway, you are given a grid of ingredients and you then tap on the spaces to swap ingredients with adjacent ones. Matching groups of 3 or more will remove them from the board and more ingredients will fall down to take up the empty space.


Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it actually is. But the twist comes with the time management portion. Each level represents a day of business at your sushi shop, and each day a profit goal is set for you to accomplish.

The ingredients that you remove from the board will end up accumulating at the bottom. Each day a special selection of sushi is put on the menu, and you must use your memory skills to match together the right ingredients in order to make sushi for each customer. As with most shop-keeping time management games, you’ll get a steady flow customers (who love sushi). Whatever pops up in their mind for an order must be delivered by you, by matching the right ingredients and making the right sushi before their patience runs thin. And if you happen to be stuck with too many angry customers, there’s the option of passing a bottle of sake to stall for time.

When the timer finally runs out to mark the end of the day, your total sales and tips are shown as well as a customer satisfaction rating.


Graphic wise, Sushi Mayhem is very colourful and cartoon-like, which may appeal to many match-3 players. There are a vast number of different different ingredients ranging from cucumbers and avocados to salmon and shrimp. On the other hand, it’s harder to praise the amount of work done on the in-game sounds. Besides the main menu music, there aren’t any in-game tunes. The only effects are the constant “pings” from matching blocks, and they can be a bit annoying. There’s also no way to turn the sounds off since the game lacks an options menu.


The main disappointment from this game was the lack of a high-score table. I felt like there was absolutely no replay value, and no reason to continue playing the same situations of matching sushi ingredients.

For a $2.99 price value, Sushi Mayhem is probably better for the die-hard match-3 fans rather than someone just looking for a game to play. With the myriad match-3 puzzles in the App Store, you’re certain to find something with more replay value, so unless Brain Stain Entertainment steps up their game with more features, I’m can only give Sushi Mayhem a Tap.


App Summary
Title: Sushi Mayhem (v1.0) Developer: Brain Stain Entertainment
Price: $2.99 App Size: 19.5 MB
  • Unique gameplay
  • Good graphics and sound
  • No highscores.
  • Low replay value
  • Only one game mode


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