Mezopuzzle in Review – slip sliding away

Mezopuzzle 1

I’ve heard some comments that ‘oh, it’s just another slider-puzzle game’. The funny thing is, maybe there are a lot of slider-puzzle games in the app store, but I haven’t played any of them. Maybe they just didn’t catch my eye the way Mezopuzzle did, but I’m glad I tried this one; and if you’re looking for a lengthy game with a good degree of difficulty, it should be on your radar as well.

Mezopuzzle 2

I prefer the kind of puzzle games that add a little something between levels: where it’s not just endless levels of survival. And Mezopuzzle has all of that in the form of Mayan legends, told over the course of each ‘section’ of the game and given out in between levels. Each level itself presents you with a bunch of tiles, and some gaps between them. You can slide each tile around, and your ultimate goal is to match up the pieces of the medallion you’ll see amongst those tile pieces. Once you complete the match, you move on to the next level.

Mezopuzzle 3

With numerous sections to the game, and multiple levels to each section, Mezopuzzle takes some time to get through. Some of the levels are particularly challenging, seemingly impossible at times. But knowing there’s a solution, you’ll keep coming back until you figure it out.

Mezopuzzle 4

I love the hieroglyph/ruins type of tile set used in the game, it really adds a lot to set the tone. It’s a care about graphics that can take an otherwise mundane game and really bring it up another level. On the downside, there’re no options to speak of here – what I’ve described (and the screenshots you see) is pretty much what you get. However, if you’re looking for a well done, nicely presented slider-puzzle game – Mezopuzzle fits the bill, and that’s why I’m giving it a ‘Grab It’ rating.


App Summary
Title:Mezopuzzle (v1.0)Developer:Avallon Alliance Ltd.
Price:$0.99App Size:14.26 MB
  • Beautiful authentic Mayan wall paintings
  • Easy to play
  • Multiple levels and legends to discover
  • Simplistic tile-sliding gameplay
  • No options or depth to the game


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