Japanese students to get iPod touch for school

News-3GS-big-in-japanNot surprising. I mean, on what other platform are you going to enjoy those back to school apps? Japan’s Ministry of Education reckons that the iPod touch will aid study by allowing access to videos and other online materials via school WiFi.

According to the Ministry’s Theme A, schools across the country will promote the device in curriculum as part of a three-year governmental loan of ~550 000 USD. Yomiuri reflect that the iPod touch and iPhone can be used in capacities which resemble notebook computers. Indeed, mine is often used to finish articlescompare dictionary entries, spelling and even edit photographs.

The touch is expected to help students prepare for exams and enjoy studying. On the flip side, it may allow schools to better monitor attendance. That is at least, the plan.

[via Yomiuri — Japanese]
  • Shane

    They are sooooooooo lucky.

  • Wow that’s ridiculous and cool at the same time.

  • Zane

    Yeah! Now only if Obama could do something like this instead of trying to torture kids with longer school days/years 😉

  • Gokunama

    So I can expect to see high tech students now? I’m wondering how they’ll get students to study when they’ve got entertainment systems and ways to communicate with other students.

    Also, the ‘ijime’ (bullying as they call it here) online might be excaberated with school endorsed communication devices that also allow for anonymous posting in chatrooms.

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