Match 3D Flick Puzzle in Review – get your 3D glasses

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I wasn’t too impressed with Match 3D Flick Puzzle at first. Yet another match 3 game, and it has very limited controls (really you can only swap one adjacent block for another). Even the cube aspect with multiple sides didn’t do much for me at first, as the endless waves of blocks just kept falling down and filling it in. And then I discovered ‘Survival’ mode, and a whole new game experience opened up for me – one that is far more appealing and gives this game the edge it needs in such a crowded genre.

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Everyone knows the basics of a match 3 game at this point, and yes with the cube shape, you have the ability to press buttons at the bottom of the screen and move through the layers of the cube (left to right, front to back, top to bottom) and match in each layer. So that’s one little addition, and you can also manipulate the cube around your screen, spinning it in 3D which is also fairly unique – but as I said, nothing that was really jumping out at me as all that compelling. But Survival mode is a whole different animal. Here you do not have infinite blocks falling down to replace the ones you’ve matched – instead, your cube is constantly shrinking, as the pieces you start with are all you’ll ever have. And there are a certain number of matches you must achieve before you can move on to the next level – so now you’re moving with purpose through the layers of the cube, trying to select the best matches that will set you up for more on another layer.

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Each color match also gives you points towards different special moves you can access at any time from a separate menu. These will also help you out of a jam, when you feel like you just can’t find another move to make. Those special moves are available in both modes, classic and survival, and there are other options such as timed games and allowing certain blocks to stay stuck, as well as the usual high score section – everything you’d expect from these kinds of games by now. As I mentioned, I wasn’t taken with Match 3D at first, but it grew on me and became I game I really enjoyed playing once I found the right mode for me. Seeing as how there’s a Lite version, I would certainly suggest you check it out for yourself, and I can definitely recommend grabbing the full version if you enjoy that taste.


App Summary
Title: Match 3D Flick Puzzle (v1.05.14) Developer: PlayScreen
Price: $2.99 App Size: 9.6 MB
  • Lots of options to add variety to the typical match 3 puzzle games
  • Well designed and implemented 3 dimensional puzzle
  • Classic mode is ho-hum


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