Bowman Defense = Patapon meets castle defense

bowman-defense-preview1Triniti Interactive, with the solid Ancient War already under their belt, have released yet another castle defense type game, this time in the form of Bowman Defense. Clearly inspired by the legendary Patapon on the PSP (arguably one of the best games ever for Sony’s mobile device), Bowman Defense features Patapon look-a-like warriors (aka bowmen) who have been charged with defending their castle.

Imaging a sky full of flying arrows! Experience the craziest bowman game ever!

Bowman Defense is a creative castle defense game. Defend your castle with a group of bowmen. Slide your finger to drag the bow, aim and shoot everything moving towards the castle gate.

Defend you castle long enough to gain fund for upgrading to new weapons, power-ups and technologies.

If castle defense is your cup of tea and Triniti Interactive’s Patapon-like game design evokes warm fuzzy feelings from your PSP years, Bowman Defense may just be what the doc ordered. A lite version (less skills, enemies, weapons etc) is also available at the App Store for those who prefer to try before they buy. To see the game in action, check out the trailer after the break.

Triniti Interactive, Bowman Defense, $0.99, 6.7 MB
Bowman Defense

Game features:

  • Fun and easy to play: slide finger to aim and shoot.
  • Creative character design with great animations.
  • Bowman group attack! Dozens of arrows in the sky!
  • 30 missions (days) to defend your castle.
  • More than 15 kinds of enemies.
  • 8 types of arrows and power-ups.

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