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Are you paranoid? Are you lost in heaps of Post-It notes with myriads of passwords written on them? Does your idea of a password look like mdf$%_kdr123_fr? Well then, have I got an app for you! Profartis Media Group (is it only me, but the name of the company brings to mind some strange associations) have recently presented their new password storage app – pmg PassCode!

You know, having had a few bad experiences with login hijacking, I really try to put up some more difficult passwords whenever I must create a new one. But at the same time, this often leaves me forgetting what password is required to that one specific site or program. And pmg Passcode seems to be the perfect answer to my problems.

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Browsing the app’s list of categories, you will notice that there is a lot of focus given to technology-related personal information. The only stock category not directly dealing with technology is credit card. Even the General Info category has only one general note field apart from the standard Login and Password ones. At the same time, with some magic, you can add custom categories or edit the fields used in the stock ones. Though you can’t add or remove fields on entry by entry basis within categories defined this is not much of a limitation.

PMG PassCode has a password generator. You can choose the amount of characters in the password, as well as which group of characters will be used. While this may be important for some, I really try to always create user-friendly passwords, but alas, there is no such option here.

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If you’re worried about the security of the data you put into PassCode, take a load off your mind. The information can be encrypted using a 64bit algorithms. Even if the perpetrator could somehow pull it out of your phone, the app itself can be protected by a master password a self-destruct. Your phone won’t blow up, but after a set number of incorrect login attempts for the super-paranoids among us, all information will be deleted.


One can’t write about this up and not say anything about the interface. It is simply beautiful. With 6 possible themes and a fast, easy to understand interface it is a model for all PIM apps. Entries can be listed alphabetically or categorically as well as tagged as favourites. In Favourites tabs, they can be listed alphabetically as well as sorted manually. One thing I missed was the ability to organize entries by custom folders and not only using categories or ABC.

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Overall, pmg PassCode is one the simplest PIM managers available on the market. The limited options of entry organizing are offset by the low price, especially compared to the other related apps on the AppStore. One serious concern I will note is that there is no sync or export capabilities. In the end, if all you need to keep track of are passwords and you don’t mind the limitations, then pmg PassCode has a good value at only 0.99$. If you’re looking for something with a bit more, you should really look at the more established PIMs.

On this gracious note I declare pmg PassCode officially touched.

App Summary
Title: pmg Passcode (v1.0) Developer: Profartis Media Group
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.7 MB
  • Beautiful interface
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Limited number of preset templates
  • No custom folder organization
  • No desktop sync


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