South Korean iPhone – the last shackle undone?


And that as they say, is that. Ostensibly, the iPhone could be ready for sale by November in the staunchly xenophobic Korean market. Until earlier this year, Samsung and LG’s politicians kept the nation closed to their high-tech, cheaply-made, terrible phones using a variety of coercive measures. But in a shifting of the rules on 23 September, the iPhone and many other mobile phones may get a piece of this saturated market as the last shackle fell away: foreign-GPS wielding phones too, many enter the country.

Apple’s handset will face a full house in this country where 93 people out of 100 carry a mobile phone. But despite not fielding a single usable handset or smartphone, Samsung and LG sit prettily in their rubber high-chairs; neither expect the iPhone to sell well.

The Korean market already grossly exaggerates the price of Apple products. Anything from iPods to computers are sold at a minimum of 150% of the price, up to 170% and at that price, are often old models; so only the staunchest of fans can afford Apple. Though no official date, price, nor quantity have been decided, KT, Korea’s 2nd largest carrier are already fumbling with a problem: they may not be able to outrageously price the phone.

Many Koreans have waited for years for the iPhone, baited by ‘talks’ and smiling reassurance that it will come. This time, the world’s eyes are on the tiny nation whose market is smothered by the dulling hand of protectionist politics. KT, SKY – any carrier who sells the iPhone will be under international scrutiny for sales tactics which hopefully this time, won’t be Korean.

[via JoonAng Daily]

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