Philips Power2GO SCE4430 – A car battery in your pocket


Hola folks! Ever had your phone run out of juice at the moment it’s needed the most? I have, especially on those long flights. Now why haven’t they figured out that each seat HAS to be equipped with a powered USB jack? Well, no matter, we can take our lives (and phones) into our own hands!

Today I’m writing about a little miracle piece of technology called the Philips Power2GO SCE4430 which charges all your mobile devices (including your iPhones and iPods)! Well, nix the laptop, but that’s outside our scope anyway, right? Nearly all modern devices on the market are covered: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson – the list goes on and on. It also has a powered USB AND miniUSB connectors so you can power almost any device imaginable – it even supports the Nintendo DS!


The Power2Go’s exterior is very nice with great, stylish package which is among the best on the market. It’s a mix of white and black polished plastic adorned with a bright blue LED indicators to signal the charge level. The Power2GO comes complete with a suede carrying bag, a retractable connector cable, and a number of adaptors which plug into the cable. A handy band which holds all the adapters is also included.

The black plastic is quite easy to smudge, but it’s a small price to pay for the great LOOK – you’ll never feel embarrassed pulling this baby out. The plug is also made of the same black plastic and is equipped with a USB connection on one side, so you don’t have to use the battery if you have access to power; rather you can just plug the cable directly into the plug.


This baby packs a 2000mAh Li-Polymer battery (compared to 1150mAh in 3G or 1219mAh in 3GS) which basically means that it can keep the Jesus phone running about 3x longer than usual. The drawback is that this much juice requires time to charge. I estimated about 8 hours from zero to full charge using the included plug.

The maximum output current is only 350mA (compared to 500mA in USB or 1000mA in Apple chargers) which leads the iPhone 3G to not recognize it correctly if the phone is down to approximately 80% or less of the battery. And yes, I HAVE tried the included special adapter for the iPhones. On the other hand, if you plug it in before that happens, it’ll charge the iPhone and keep it running fine while connected and until the Power2Go’s battery is drained. The latest iPhones 3GS and iPod touch models are not supposed to have this problem, but I am unable to verify it. Apart from this hiccough, every other item I have charges properly

To sum it all up, the Power2GO SCE4430 is an incredibly useful device. The stylish look really sets it apart on the market and the reasonable capacity and included adapters make it an invaluable too for the travelling iPhoner. On the other hand, it requires a work around solution for 3G users. Still, I would recommend the powerpack to any traveller: just remember than in order for Apple’s device to subvert you further,  you must keep your iPhone plugged in at all times.


App Summary
Title: Power2GO SCE4430 Developer: Philips
Price: ~$55-65 USD
  • Supports all modern portable devices
  • Good capacity
  • stylish looking
  • Rather low output current
  • Doesn’t work correctly with iPhone 3G

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