Korean wireless internet fees to tumble 20%


Fair enough: Korean handset internet is almost unusable on the antiquated mobile browsers in this country, but that hasn’t stopped wireless carriers from taking customer’s texting fingers in the deal. Among 15 countries including UK, Canada, and the USA, Korea has the highest fees. But, that is all set to change by the end of this year in a move to lower usage costs by 20%.

The KCC, who control many absurd laws to protect the country’s monopolies and anti-consumer tactics uncharacteristically has been giving ground in 2009. First, Wipi (a protectionist measure which kept the world’s number 1 and 2 mobile manufacturers’ phones safe in their home country from foreign handsets) was declared a mistake, then on 23 September, international GPS toting phones too, were given the go: ostensibly providing a way for Apple’s iPhone. The final step in the process is the lowering of gawd-awful mobile wireless internet plans in the country.

But, the KCC noted that only 17.4% of mobile phone fees last year came from internet usage, a number much lower than other countries, but its no mystery to any foreigner. Koreans have been slaved to detritus user interfaces designed by companies who make everything from bagels to automobiles. This year, with the viable introduction of the iPhone among other foreign handsets, mobile internet may see usage rises.

Why the sudden humanitarian steps by the KCC? What would they gain by aiding the liberation from Korea’s totalitarian technological regimes? Despite LG and Samsung’s fanfaronade, international handsets may perform well even in a market which may try to suffocate their entry. In which case, the KCC and carriers stand to benefit from usage changes, or in other words, the drop by 20% may give a boost to overall use, and therefore, profits.

[via JoongAng Daily]

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